Must-Sees While You’re In Italy

Gondola in Venice

If you are planning a trip to Italy you are definitely in for a real treat. Italy is a beautiful country packed full history, art, and life! But it’s a good idea to plan where you want to go because there is so much to see, you’ll need a bucket list! Here are some of the top things you just have to experience while you’re there!

Ride the famous gondolas in Venice

What is more romantic than riding a gondola in the middle of Venice? Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo, this is an experience everyone needs to have.

The sweet sun shining down on you as you glide through the cool Venice water. It’s one of the best ways to go sightseeing while feeling totally at peace.

Eat the pizza in Naples

There is something very special about eating a meal where it was created, and biting down on a pizza slice in Naples is one of them memorable moments.

The fresh herbs, tomatoes, and cheeses, along with your favourite toppings will taste so much better than they do at home, you will never look at pizza the same way again.

Pizza and Olives

“The Last Supper”

If you’re in Milan, make sure to pop in and see Leonardo’s masterpiece of “The Last Supper.” But if you are going to do this, make sure you book in advance. With a strict time limit of 15 minutes only, you’ll need to have bought tickets beforehand. It may seem like a lot of effort for a mere 15-minute view, but it’s definitely worth every single second.

Go on a tour of the Vatican Museums

You can just walk around and explore as you please, but unless you’re an art historian who has studied this place for years on end – you will have no idea what exactly you’re looking at, nor the history behind it. So pay for a guided tour instead, where the professional can point out all the important and fascinating parts that you may have overlooked if visiting on your own. You will even be treated to a guided visit to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Climb up Florence’s Duomo

If you’re afraid of tight spaces or heights, then this may not be for you. But if you enjoy the rush, then you absolutely must see the incredible view from Florence’s Duomo. Not only do you get to lay your eyes upon a masterpiece, but you can learn a lot about the architecture and engineering that took part in creating this stunner.

Amalfi Coast at Night

Drive along the Amalfi Coast

As scary as this road looks, it is such a beauty. As the route drags itself around the coastline, all you can do is hold your breath and let your eyes wonder.

If you’re feeling daring, why not get on the back of a motorbike and discover the snake roads that way? You may feel as if you’re about to fall off the edge at any giving second, but the Italians seem to get by alright, right?

Relax on the beaches down South

Costa Smeralda has been named as having some of the most incredible beaches in the whole world, let alone the country. So drive down there, take off your shoes, and let your toes sink into the golden sand as you walk toward the vibrant turquoise sea.

Truffle hunts

Go out on an expedition to hunt down some precious truffles. If you know anything about truffles, you’ll know they are seen as gold, and people will pay a lot of money for them. It takes a lot of patience and skill at being successful in truffle hunting. So if you would like to learn the trick of this fascinating trade, make sure you dress suitable, with comfortable footwear!

Most truffle tours end with a visit to the local museum, where you get to see exactly how these gems are prepared.

Go to an opera in Verona

You don’t have to be crazy about Operas to go and see one. Whether you’re a fan or not, going to watch an Italian opera in Italy is one incredible spectacle you must see. Follow in the footsteps of the people thousands of years ago who sat in a Roman amphitheatre, ready for one hell of a show.

Gelato Ice Cream

Wander through the Trastevere neighbourhood

If you want to see more of the backstreets of Rome, and less of the tourist attractions, then Trastevere is the place to go. Packed full of stories and secrets, this old neighbourhood is very special.

If you imagine what the illustrations would be in a story book – this is it. Quiet afternoons, with the sun glaring down on crates full of fresh fruit and veg, as happy, carefree people walk through the cobbled streets. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful life?

Enjoy eating scoops of gelato

Gelato is an Italian ice cream, that’s made with milk instead of cream. So not only is it a lot less fattening than ordinary ice cream, but it tastes amazing, and there is always an occasion to have some! So there’s really nothing wrong with having double scoops… Or triple. Okay five scoops!

Visit the vineyard

If you appreciate a fine wine, then you should go and spend the day out in the vineyards. You will be shown where and how the grapes are grown, as well as how they’re used to make the wine. You will then be taken to the cellars where you may be lucky enough to taste the local produce; new creations and aged ones!

Have a shopping spree at the Galleria Alberto Sordi

This is basically a huge, historical, breathtakingly beautiful shopping centre. The place is packed full of designer boutiques, architecture, and delicious coffee, so clear your schedule for the day and indulge. Spending your money has never felt so good.

Coffee and Notebook

Coffee, coffee and more coffee!

You can’t stay in Rome without drinking espressos at least three times a day! There are certain rules to abide by if you want to fit in. Rule numero uno, cappuccinos are only to be drunk at breakfast – no later! Once that’s down, a shot of espresso is next. That’ll really wake you up. When it’s the summertime, you should ask for a caffè freddo, which is a cold espresso that has tons of sugar in it.

Explore colours at the Campo De’ Fiori market

If you’re looking for the finest fresh ingredients, or maybe you just want a day out snacking on delicious food – this market is the place to be. Full of locals who have their own stalls selling their produce, which is grown to the highest standards, they are always welcoming new faces to try their ingredients. So whether you want to make a perfect picnic salad, or just want to munch on yummy treats all day, go and check out the local market.

Now you have a list of the best places to visit while in Italy, you can narrow it down to what appeals to you. Most tours and excursions can be booked in advance, so bear this in mind, as some activities do get fully booked, and you don’t want to be left disappointed. And make sure you look where the locations are. There may be two different places you want to visit, that are actually not far from each other, so keep track of where you are, and where you want to be.

And most importantly – take plenty of photos for evidence of your magical travels, and enjoy.

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