Foods You Cannot Eat On A Keto Diet


As part of our growing lifestyle section we thought it would be interesting to bring you a few articles on different lifestyles and diets and so in this particular article we look at the ketogenic diet.

What do we mean by a ketogenic diet? A keto diet is a type of diet with low carbs during which the body produces the ketones in a vital organ that is liver. These ketones are utilized as a source of energy. There are multiple synonyms of ketogenic diet such as low carb diet, ketogenic diet, low carb high-fat diet and others.

There are do’s and dont’s of all the diet plans that you need to follow, but during the ketogenic diet the food items that you need to avoid should be adhered to because high amounts of protein or carb-centric foods may result at the end of ketosis process, slowing down the fat burning process within your body.

Keto Food Pyramid

Foods Which You Cannot Eat On Ketogenic Diet

The following are the macro nutrients which are predominantly found in food and you need to avoid such foods while on a keto diet.



Certain Proteins

Processed food

NOTE: You can find a full list of foods to avoid at tasteaholics.



Strictly avoid all types of wheat products such as buns or bread, cakes, cereals, rice, corns, pasta, pastries or beer. Avoid whole grains such as rye, wheat, barley, quinoa, and buckwheat.


Sugar is an essential ingredient found in all types of juices, soda, candy, sports drink, ice cream, and chocolates. Anything that’s sweet and processed should be avoided while on a keto diet. So, it is important that you should not consume sugar at all times.


Butter, margarine, or any types of spreadable replacements should be strictly avoided as these products have hydrogenated fats and these are bad fats.


Do not eat vegetables such as yams and potatoes along with foods like muesli and oats. However, you can consume a few types of root vegetables which include garlic, onion, parsnip, squash, and mushrooms.

Do not eat large fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas because they are rich in sugar. However, you can consume few types of berries in moderate amounts such as blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.


Fat Foods Which You Cannot Eat On Ketogenic Diet


Nutritious and unprocessed oils are a good source of unsaturated and saturated fats, but processed type of vegetable oils are harmful and inflammatory such as Canola oil, soya bean oil, grapeseed oil, corn oil, sesame oil, peanut and sunflower oils.

Protein Foods Which You Cannot Eat On Ketogenic Diet


They have high amounts of sugar and carbs when compared to the products which have full-fat. So do read the labels before you buy these products. Pasteurized milk lacks beneficial bacteria and is difficult to digest by most individuals along with the fact that it contains a high content of carbohydrates.


Avoid dairy and meats which are grain-fed because they have low nutrient value. Factory-farmed pork and fish products are rich in omega-6-s so avoid eating such foods. Processed meats such as packaged sausages and hot dogs should be avoided as they are rich in nitrates which are harmful and act as cancerous agents.


Processed Foods Which You Cannot Eat On Ketogenic Diet

Unhealthy foods which are packaged or processed usually contain the inflammatory oils along with Trans fats, extra sugar, preservatives and all sorts of junk. Avoid processed and packaged foods such as cookies, cakes, candies, fast food, soft drinks, foods which contain sulfites and carrageenan, MSG or wheat gluten.

Don’t use artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Aspartame, Saccharin, Acesulfame, and others. Avoid condiments because they have unhealthy oils and extra sugar.


So, after giving a thorough read make sure that you do not eat processed foods. It is very difficult to start a ketogenic diet so avoid making mistakes right at the beginning because your body won’t be able to lose weight if you consume foods that are rich in carbs and sugar. Good luck!

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