Travel Like A Rock Star

First Class Rock Star Jet

Just because you’re not a rock star doesn’t mean you can’t travel like one. If you’re willing to spend a little money and have a lot of fun on your next vacation, traveling like a rock star is perfectly possible and here’s how.

Travel in Rock Star style

You won’t see Dave Grohl or Mick Jagger flying cattle class any time soon. Hell, you probably won’t even see them in first class. The biggest and best rock stars travel on their own time. They hire private jets so that they can travel in luxury without having to worry about being spotted. The good news is, thanks to Jettly, you can travel in the manner rock stars have become accustomed to, without having the bank balance to match, too.

Stay at the best hotel

Whether you’re travelling to New York, London or Tokyo, you need to check onto the biggest, best and most exclusive hotel or luxury resort in the area. Big rock stars rarely slum it. They stay at places that are unaffordable to the masses so that they can enjoy their trip without being noticed by too many people along the way.

Royal Suite

Make demands

Most rock stars are divas. They just are. If you want to travel like a rock star, that means you need to make demands. Call your hotel ahead of time and ask them to have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for you. Demand the best service and don’t be afraid to make requests you might otherwise find ludicrous such as having your skittles sorted by colour. Be a diva for the duration of your trip, at least. Just be sure to tip the staff who help you generously. It’s what a rock star would do.

Hire a Limo

Would you ever see Paul McCartney arriving at his hotel in a taxi? Would he take the bus? Unlikely. Rock stars always travel in style and so should you. Hire a limo to take you to your hotel and ferry you around your destination for a slice of the good life.


Use an alias

Rock stars don’t like to be recognized. They don’t want word of their impending arrival to get out, which is why they always check in to their hotels with an alias. Kurt Cobain was famous for booking hotel rooms as Simon Ritchie – the real name of infamous punk rocker Sid Vicious. Maybe you could check in as Kurt Cobain? Then again, maybe not!

Pack a Louis Vuitton Bag

Carrying your luggage in a Louis Vuitton bag is a sure sign that you’ve got it made. Famous rock stars, models and movie stars all favour the luxury brand, and airport and hotel staff know you’re the real deal when they see you rocking up with your LV in tow.

Raise some hell

Of course, what rock stars are known for above all else is letting loose and raising some hell. If you really want to travel like a rock star, you need to party like it’s your last night on earth. Go out, get drunk and dance until dawn – it’s the rock star way!

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