Could You Give Up Driving For A Month (Or Even Longer)?


Driving in traffic

Could you give up driving for a month? Or, as we suggested in the title, for even longer? It’s something to think about, especially if you only have a car (or motorbike) for a self-indulgent reason. You see, the truth is this. Many of us are too reliant on the vehicles we use. We think we need them because we are used to the convenience they offer us. And while they are certainly useful when we need to get from A to B, there are reasons why taking a few weeks off from driving is a good idea.

For example…

You will become fitter. Let’s be honest. Our motor vehicles are a hindrance to our health and fitness levels. If you commit to using your legs for a few weeks, be that walking or cycling, you will start feeling better because of it! And if you only needed one incentive, let it be this potentially life-saving one. Not only will it serve you well, but it will also benefit your family, such as your children, when they get fitter through walking or cycling on the school run.

Cycling rather than driving

You will save money. What could you do with the extra money you save on fuel? You might be able to treat yourself to something nice, such as an accessory for your house or a slap-up meal, or you might put the money into your savings or rainy-day funds. Driving is an expensive way to get around, but if you aren’t using your vehicle for a while, your bank balance will be healthier because of it.

You will be doing your bit for the environment. Unless you are already driving in a low-emissions vehicle, know that the car or bike you regularly use is making a negative impact on the world we live in. You don’t need us to tell you that – it’s all over the news – so if you have any care at all for the environment, ditch your vehicle for a while, and do your bit to save the world.

Driving an electric low emissions car

You will reduce your stress levels. Do you actually enjoy driving? Although you might answer in the positive, you do have to admit that it can be stressful. Other road users getting in the way. Difficult weather conditions that make your life difficult. And the constant risk of an accident that causes every (sensible) driver moments of panic when out on the road. These are just some of the things that add to our stress levels.

Listen, we aren’t suggesting you sell your motorbike or car. You might not be ready to give up driving entirely, and it might not be practical in the long-term anyway. But for those few short weeks, you will discover some of the benefits that are available to you. And who knows, you might then decide to spend less time on the road because of these advantages. Should you only use your car or motorbike when you really need to, your life may become richer because of it in so many ways. It’s something for you to think about anyway, especially when you are next tempted to take the car to the shopping mall when it’s only a short distance away.

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