3 Signs Your Car Needs A Service Sooner Rather Than Later


Signs car needs service

Your car should be receiving a service annually or even after every six months. By doing this, you can keep your car in a great condition and ensure that it continues to serve you well on the road. Without a service, issues can quickly develop and grow, often remaining undetected until you next get your car checked out by a pro. However, there will be some signs that show you do need the support of a pro mechanic with your vehicle. So, let’s look at some of the key traits that you should be watching out for here and make sure you do know why these could be an issue.

Weird noises

You might find that your car is making peculiar noises on the road. One of the most common and dangerous signs would be a squeaking of the brakes. If your brakes are squeaking this does point to them being less reliable on the road. It’s possible that you notice other signs as well. For instance, when you brake, the car might shake and could feel slightly unstable. It’s probably a sign that you need new brake pads. Remember, car accidents happen for a variety of reasons including a low level of maintenance. As such, it’s important to get a sign like this checked out before your next service.

Service car brakes

Another common sound that suggests a fix is needed would be a grinding in the engine. This probably suggests that your oil needs changing and is usually the sound of different parts grinding together.

Poor fuel economy

Are you stopping off for fuel more regularly than usual? This can be caused by various issues, all of which should be checked out and effectively fixed. An example would be soft tyres. Soft tyres could be due to a slow puncture or it might just mean that they need more air. Regardless, you can sort out this issue by a quick trip to the mechanic for a refill and a check of your tyres. Of course, low fuel economy, could also point to a fuel leak. If this is the issue, there’s an easy check. Run the car for five minutes in the same spot before moving it off. Check the ground for any oil stains. This will smell quite strong.

Car wheel alignment

If you notice sudden changes in the fuel gauge, this could also be a more serious fuel leak. However, it could also be something else entirely such as a faulty sensor. This is a minor fix and won’t impact the daily functions of your vehicle at all.

Poor handling

Finally, you might have noticed that your car is more difficult to control and handle on the roads. This could be a sign of an issue with the suspension or it might again be due to a problem with the wheels. A poor alignment can be enough to cause the car to constantly push to one side of the road. If you constantly need to fight the car to get it to follow a straight line, getting it to a mechanic will be in your best interest.

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