3 Tips On How To Take Truly Memorable Travel Photos


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An important part of any holiday are undoubtedly the photographs. While in times past it was quite an event to process the endless rolls of 35mm upon returning home, today’s digital realm means you can appraise your snapshots before you’ve even left your Mediterranean villa. While this is all very handy, the basic tenets of taking good photos haven’t changed since the medium was invented; they hold true whether you’re shooting meticulously on film or going trigger happy on your smartphone. Bearing that in mind, here are four top tips to make your travel shots truly memorable!

1. Don’t go for the standard fare

Everyone’s seen a photo or seventeen of the Eiffel Tower, or the Colosseum, or London Bridge or the Statue of Liberty or…you get the idea. I’m afraid it doesn’t make a difference if you’re in it or not; a mundane shot is still a mundane shot. Spice it up a little by capturing a side of your chosen holiday spot that we’ve never seen before. Go for the unique, the unusual, the downright bizarre; guaranteed it’ll make your shots more memorable.

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2. Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a simple technique that you can instantly apply to your photos to give them a professional edge. Framing is a hard skill to get the hang of, but by dividing your frame into equal parts using a nine-square grid, you can tell where certain elements will look compositionally correct. If you have a horizon, for instance, it should fall one third up the frame. It doesn’t have to be precise, just try applying a loose rule of thirds to your photos and see how they improve.


3. Make a photo album

iPhones are great for taking photos, but very few people actually bother to print out their shots once they get home. Part of the fun is looking back on the great memories you made on your trip, but some of the magic is definitely lost if you and your friends are just huddled around a smartphone screen. Print your shots out and get them on display in a travel photo book; that way you’ll have a tangible memory of the adventures you’ve had abroad that you can show off to everyone who’ll listen!

So there’s three tips to make your holiday shots more memorable, but a bonus tip would be to make sure you have fun! Fun is infectious; if you’re having it in real life, you’ll capture it in your holiday photos! So when you jet off on your next trip, try and return with some really memorable shots that’ll remind you of all the fun you had on your adventures.

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