7 Indisputable Reasons To Visit Iceland

Iceland Northern Lights

Iceland is the new go-to destination, and it’s not difficult to see why. From dramatic icebergs and volcanoes to amazing live music, elves, and hot springs, it’s got everything to offer a holiday-maker, and more. It’s quirky, esoteric, and off the beaten track. The scenery is beautiful, the locals are friendly, and the food is interesting, to say the least. If you’ve been umming and ahhing about a possible upcoming trip to Iceland, you’ll be all over it once you’ve seen all these amazing reasons to visit.

The sky dances

The Northern Lights are a spectacle that everyone has to see at least once in their lifetime, and there aren’t many better places to catch them than in Iceland. The cold, dark winters and remoteness ensure that the ethereal light show has a high probability of turning up, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

The adventures never stop in Iceland

If you want to try diving between tectonic plates, or you fancy dropping down into a volcano, exploring ancient caves, or climbing glaciers, Iceland is the country for you. If you’re an adventurer at heart, you’ll never run out of things to try your hand at.


It’s perfect for road trips

If you’re a fan of the good old-fashioned road trip, or it’s one of those bucket list holidays for you, then Iceland is the place to go. The roads are incredibly well maintained, the scenery is stunning throughout the whole country, and the super low population density means that you’ve got time to be alone and clear your head, without being pestered. All the while, you can check out their stunning food and meet the lovely locals.

There are elves, supposedly

The locals believe that the island is full of little elves, and that upsetting them is a dangerous game. Keep an eye out all around you, and see if you can catch one of the little critters.

It will soothe your soul

If you’re looking for a spot of relaxation, the incredible volcanic hot springs are perfect for chilling out, and the mineral-rich mud is great for your skin and health too. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening after a hard day of exploring, that’s for sure.

Iceland Hot Spring

Photo credit: Greenland Travel under a Creative Commons Licence

The food is intriguing

Whilst the food is unlike anything we’re used to, it’s certainly delicious, and worth a try. Their diet is heavily seafood based, although they also enjoy using herbs and plants foraged from across the island, giving the food a distinctive Icelandic quality which is impossible to describe – you’ve just got to give it a go.

There are great nights’ out

From Bjork to Sigur Ros, the Icelanders sure do love their live music, so while you’re in the country be sure to visit Reykjavik for the great nightlife, catch a band or two, and make sure you try some of their locally brewed craft beers, too.

And if all that’s not enough, the wildlife is incredible too. From birdwatching to whale-spotting, you’re guaranteed to see something unusual and exciting. So what are you waiting for? Get your trip booked now, you won’t regret it.

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