Modern Travel Style for Jetsetting Men

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Travelling can be tiring work. Even when you spend most of the day sitting down, on trains, planes or in cars, it can still make you feel exhausted. Even as you’re on your journey and getting tired, you still want to make sure you look good. You might feel tired, but that doesn’t mean you have to look it. Once upon a time, men on their travels would have dressed very smartly or perhaps gone for something of an explorer look. Nowadays, travel is a little different, but you can still look smart, as well as feel comfortable when you’re travelling.

Go for Smart

When you’re about to spend all day in airports or on a plane, the first thing you might think of is being comfortable. And it’s true that you do want to be comfortable when you’re travelling so that you’re able to relax. However, you can dress comfortably and still look smart. Taking a smart approach to your travel look is always a good idea, for several reasons. For one thing, some guys just can’t dress too casually. If you’re not a fan of the super casual look, you can still dress smartly. In fact, it could give you an advantage. Being dressed more smartly could get you better treatment, and you never know if you might even be able to bag an upgrade.

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Keep It Comfortable

Even though you want to dress smartly, you can still be comfortable too. If you want to look sharp but also feel more relaxed, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, don’t wear anything too constricting. Your clothes should fit well but still leave you room to move around. A pair of jeans and a shirt can look smart while leaving you feeling comfortable if you choose the right items. Consider your shoes too, especially if you’ll be walking a lot (even just around the airport). You might want to be able to slip them off once you get a chance to sit down.

Get a Quality Luggage Set

The luggage you use can be part of your look too, and it’s also a practical thing to think about. You want luggage that works for you and has space for everything you need. Depending on what sort of travelling you’re doing, you might choose anything from a backpack or holdall to a suitcase set. If you want to go for a smarter look, a wheeled suitcase you can put in the hold and a matching carry-on bag can be convenient and look smart too. Choose something sturdy and durable and consider how you can organise your things inside.

Pack Properly

Staying stylish on the move also requires you to consider how you pack. You should think about what to put in each bag and how to pack your things to keep them neat. For example, you might want to keep a couple of items of clothing in your cabin bag, like an extra layer in case it gets cold. When you’re packing your things, it might be tempting to throw everything in, but folding everything neatly keeps all your clothes ready to wear when you need them. Try looking up the best ways to fold and roll different items, especially things like suit jackets or shirts.


Don’t Forget Useful Accessories

The right accessories can make a big difference to your travel outfit and how practical you are too. If you want to look sharp while you’re travelling, start with a watch to help you tell the time and, if it’s a smart watch, stay organised too. It can be more convenient than your phone, especially if you’re flying and might pack it away somewhere or turn it off. Another excellent choice is a smart pair of sunglasses, which will help to block out the sun. You might need them while driving, flying or just sitting and waiting or walking from A to B.

Take an Easy-access Grooming Kit

You might be surprised by how quickly you can start to look a little scruffy when you’re travelling, even if you start off looking smart. Having a handy grooming kit close to hand can make it easier to spruce up your appearance when you need to. For example, you can have a pack of wet wipes, deodorant or antiperspirant, a shaving kit, and some gum or your toothbrush. Just make sure that you check what you’re allowed to take in your carry-on luggage before you pack.

You can look smart and feel comfortable when you travel. Get prepared before your journey, and you’ll look and feel better.

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