What To Pre-Arrange Before Arriving On Holiday

Relaxing by Pool

Holidays are surely at the forefront of all of our minds at this time of year. With the warmer months upon us there is little wonder that most of us our dreaming about our approaching summer getaways when we will be able to disconnect, relax and recharge those batteries.

For holidays to go smoothly and without a hitch however it is always worth investing a little bit of time, before we go, to make sure that everything is organised and we are good to go. Here is our list of all the things we should be planning, before jetting off to make sure that our holidays are as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Flying off on holiday

At The Airport

With different airlines having such different requirements from their passengers, the airport process has become a bit of a headache over the last few years. Therefore it is really important to put in a little bit of research with the airline that you are flying with and what the ticket you have purchased entitles you to fly with.

Certain budget airlines for example may allow you to only carry one small carry-on bag, whilst others may allow you to check in a bag up to 22kgs, for free, so you will need to research what luggage is included in your ticket to avoid any unexpected extra costs in the airport. Some airlines now ask you to check in online before your flight with an app or to print off your ticket to take to the airport with you. This is not always necessary but some airlines will charge passengers handsomely for turning up without the right paperwork, so you need to make sure that you know what your airline will expect from you on the day.

If you haven’t flown for a while you may not have got into the system of packing minimal liquids for holidays. As passengers are now restricted on the amount of liquids they can travel with, if only travelling with hand luggage, make sure you are carefully planning the liquids that you are packing with you to take on your trip. For more information visit www.gov.uk

Beach Holiday

Car Hire And Accommodation

You will also want to make sure that everything is set into place and organised in your holiday destination. How many times have we all arrived at the airport to have missing information about our car hire company or the buses that take us to our accommodation. Confusion at the airport arrivals is also the worst start to any holiday so make sure you have all the necessary information at hand for the moment you arrive.

Car hire companies like www.holidayautos.co.uk that provide you with all the necessary information, on where to find them at the airport and has a customer service number for anyone needing help when they arrive, is the sort of company you should be organising your car hire with.

Similarly, all accommodation details should be written down and either printed off or stored electronically somewhere safe on your phone, whilst then making sure your phone is fully charged before you leave the house.

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