Everything You Need For An Overlanding Trip

Overlanding takes you, your 4×4, and survival skills on an adventure unlike any other. Leave society behind and fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors. As well as your 4×4, you will need the following equipment.

Emergency contact means

One of the beauties of overlanding is ditching the real world, and that includes the digital one. However, in case of emergencies, you need a way of calling for help. Therefore you should invest in a Spot Gen 3 Satellite Messenger which lets family back home track your location – you can also send out an SOS.

Truck tent

Your overlanding adventure will usually take you on an overnight stay, which means you’ll need a quality shelter. Your 4×4 is weatherproof, but it won’t provide comfort for the night. Therefore, you should invest in a quality truck tent – you will find several excellent options by following the link.

Tough Sat Nav

Traditional maps are a true sign of the adventurer, but they’re not updated that often and they can be difficult to find. Therefore, you should invest in a quality GPS purposely built for off-roading. We suggest the Magellan eXplorist TRX7. The device has a reinforced structure and can be mounted to your vehicle in several different ways.

Water filtration

The nature of overlanding means you can pack fresh water into your car, but you’ll find this gets used faster than anticipated. Therefore, we suggest investing in a water purification system like the MSR Guardian. This gadget is capable of filtering 99.9% of harmful bacteria at a rate of 2.5 liters/minute.

Camping stove

You’re not going to be recreating Gordan Ramsey masterpieces while you’re overlanding, but you will need some type of stove to prepare meals and pump some coffee through your system. You can get your hands on a cheap stove but there’s always a chance it will break. Therefore, we suggest investing in the Eureka Spire cooking system, which can be chain linked to additional stoves.

Truck Tent for overlanding trips

Image by Duncan Tran from Pixabay


If you’ve got electronic devices including lighting systems and mini fridges, you will need to power them somehow. We suggest using the Generatr 1200, which will give you 1231 watt-hours of juice. Further, this generator won’t make loud noises or let off harmful fumes – what more could you want?

Expedition Bag

Overlanding provides you with the luxury of packing your car full of gear. However, it’s important to stay organized to avoid losing important equipment. Therefore, you should invest in a quality expedition bag that has compartments for your gear. We love the Tepui Expedition Series Gear Container.


A shovel will be your best friend on your overlanding trip. Got your tyres stuck in the mud? No problem! Need to bury your campfire remnants? No problem. Although it’s extremely useful, you’ll want to ensure that it’s lightweight. The Gerber E-Tool is a fantastic option that comes with a serrated blade and a pick.

First Aid kit

The wilderness comes with the potential for accidents, which is why you need a fully stocked first aid kit. You will be far away from emergency services, which is why we suggest investing in an Adventure Medical Kit capable of treating major medical ailments for the first six hours.

Extra fuel containers

Gas stations don’t service remote locations, so make sure you’ve got fuel with you. A 20-litre jerry can be filled with the right fuel will help prevent your breaking down. After all, off-roading is known for guzzling fuel.

Overlanding is your opportunity to escape reality and connect with nature. However, you will need the gear listed above if you want to survive your journey.

Top image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

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