The Mysteries Of Myanmar Unravelled In Seven Days

Lush landscapes, spirited cities, golden temples, and Buddhist rituals are the charms that have lured my partner and I to Myanmar. A country draped in mystery, having had limited contact with the outside world for decades.

These days, after a speedy online visa application, travellers to Myanmar are granted entry for up to 28 days. After a thorough online search and, at times confusing email correspondence with several local tour operators, my partner and I were inspired by a seven-day tailor-made tour pitched to us by LM Travel Myanmar; a tour company that sets itself apart by creating bespoke tours that bring travellers intimately close with the Myanmar culture and lifestyle. These intimate moments could include lunch prepared by a generous household from a local village that rarely hosts outsiders, or a novice monk initiation ceremony, and other unique experiences.

Aerial View of Myanmar Countryside

A cultural tour of Myanmar can be a financially costly experience because the tourism infrastructure and that healthy competition that drives excellence within the tourism industry are under development, although growing at a very fast rate. Therefore, LM Travel Myanmar, a modestly priced bespoke tour company with impeccable customer care, is a treasure find.

Headquartered in Mandalay, LM Travel Myanmar employ highly knowledgeable and multi-lingual tour guides who are local to each city in Myanmar; this is a thoughtful effort to ensure that travellers experience the spirit of a city from the perspective of those who are born and bred, and culturally and emotionally situated in that city. Our local guides impressed us with their knowledge of the city as they led us to the roofs of temples, stilted pagodas upon lakes, and other remote and beautifully quiet places to enjoy the most enchanting sunsets that my partner and I have ever witnessed.

Ox-Cart Taxi

During our seven-day tour, my partner and I experienced the former capital and colonial-atmosphere of Yangon; the ancient and modern villages of Mandalay via a private boat followed by a bumpy ox-cart ride; the pagoda rich plains and entrancing sunsets of Bagan; and the floating-farm and fishing village stilted upon Inle lake in Heho city. Our internal flights, land transportation, local tour guides, and five star accommodations were seamlessly orchestrated by LM Travel Myanmar.

The Details:

LM Travel Myanmar

Tel: +95 997 0198 798



Price band: Medium

Insider Tip:

When booking with LM Travel Myanmar, request for a village lunch in Mandalay city, to experience the lifestyle of a modern-day village, whereupon you will enjoy a hearty meal cooked by one of the many generous village households.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Liz Tecirli is a freelance travel writer currently based in The Gulf specialising in adventure travel, extreme sports and luxury breaks.

Photographs by Liz Tecirli

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