Discovering The Unusual is Highly Addictive


Going off grid in search of not the norm can lead to some very interesting finds.

Rock lighthouse bagging and snow expeditions are some of the biggest pulls for people with a thirst for adventure.

Rock Lighthouses of Britain and Ireland book cover

Whittles Publishing has released the Bible of lighthouses and a book telling the tale of one man’s dedication to the Antarctic.

“Rock Lighthouses of Britain and Ireland” by Christopher Nicholson is a must for enthusiasts. The latest edition brings the reader up to date with buildings all over the UK and Ireland and gives a wonderful insight into how modern technology has improved how they work.

With stunning photography and drawings, the book features some of the most famous and tells of how they built on seemingly impossible sites.

From the very first rock lighthouse on the Eddystone reef, to the very last, constructed in traditional style on Ireland’s Fastnet Rock, the book is testament to these amazing buildings.

Author John Dudeney has dedicated his life to Antarctic science, policy and governance and his book “Footsteps in the Snow” tells how he developed his skills to become a professional in the most challenging of environments.

Footsteps in the Snow book cover

Joining the British Antarctic Survey straight from university in 1966, he became one of the youngest men to be made base commander and the book recalls the testing conditions, while developing scientific ideas and accomplishing engineering feats in very difficult circumstances.

Now retired, Dudeney is a polar historian and works as a guide for Antarctic tourism, but the book shines through his first love of wonder, awe and excitement for the place he called home for so long.

Rock Lighthouses of Britain and Ireland, RRP £24.95 – ISBN: 9781849955447

Footsteps in the Snow, RRP: £18.99 – ISBN: 978849955393

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Rebecca Hay is an experienced travel writer and member of The British Guild of Travel Writers. Follow her adventures with her family on Twitter and Instagram @emojiadventurer and on Facebook via EmojiAdventurers2.

Cover images courtesy of Whittles Publishing and top image by jodeng from Pixabay

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