Seeing The World Through Pedal Bike Power

Two years spent on the road free as a bird. Sounds wonderful.

Photographer and travel writer Martijn Doolaard did just that. He packed all his belongings into a few small bags, jumped on his bike and set off on a meandering route from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina.

The result is an awe-inspiring book Two Years On A Bike which follows Martijn’s incredible adventure as he battled through wind, rain and the blistering sun to reach the mythical Tierra del Fuego.

With just the necessities with him, Martijn ventured into desolate wastelands and strapping the necessities onto his bicycle, he ventures into desolate wastelands and sojourns in vast cities, documenting life on one of the world’s most breathtaking – and notorious – routes.

His stunning photography takes the reader to the Californian coast, the impenetrable jungles of Mexico, and to the ever-higher passes of the Andes.

Chronicling the life of a bicycle nomad, Martijn packs his necessities into a couple of panniers, and explores what it means to be at home in the world while embracing a life of minimalism and long-term travel.

The book gives tips along the way to inspire would be travel cyclists alongside some spectacular photographs of the trip which takes the reader up the Californian coast to the impenetrable jungles of Mexico and to the ever-higher passes of the Andes.

Martijn grew up in a small town in the Netherlands where fishing and camping holidays with his three brothers formed the inspiration of his current outdoor life.

In 2015, he put his life in the city on pause and packed his bicycle to ride to China. This journey became entitled One Year on a Bike became publisher Gestalten’s best seller and also a documentary which won various awards.

Two Years On A Bike Cover

Publication date: 4th November 2021
UK Price: RRP £45
ISBN: 9783967040500
Format: Hardcover, portrait format
Pages: 416

Two Years On A Bike – From Vancouver to Patagonia
By Martijn Doolaard
Published by gestalten

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Images courtesy of gestalten

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