Silent Pool Rare Tea

It has finally happened. The summer has ended. Gone are the long hot days of chasing the sun, ice cold drink in one hand, sun cream in the other. But change is good, if it was still summer I wouldn’t get to taste a beautiful range of autumnal cocktails.

The fine people of Silent Pool Gin & Rare Tea Company have helped me come to grips with the impending fall equinox. They have collaborated to create a limited-edition tea, based on the gin’s 24 botanicals. I dare anyone to think of a beverage that is as ‘British’ as a G & Tea!

Silent Pool Gin are known for their attention to detail; carefully selecting the right botanicals and keeping a close eye on every step of the distillery process, even hand sealing each and every bottle that leaves the distillery.  This approach to their craft is why Henrietta Lovell AKA The Rare Tea Lady was a natural choice for collaboration. She has travelled the world searching for the best tea gardens and independent farmers to craft only the most delicious tealeaves. This level of commitment and pursuit of perfection is a match made in heaven.

Silent Pool Gin Bottle

Enough of the back-story, how does this high-end pairing help me through the long nights? Well first and foremost they keep mixology simple, letting the flavours do the talking.

With a case of the sniffles brewing, my first point of action was the Hot Tea Infusion, a beautiful twist on the hot toddy. Even the act of brewing the tealeaves and the rich aromas that followed was enough to make me feel better. Adding the gin made me forget I was ever even ill.

Sickness defeated (in the most sophisticated way imaginable) I tried my hand at the more exciting cocktails, so to speak.  The Iced Tea Cold Extraction requires a little bit more prep compared to its warm counterpart. Leaving some tea to brew overnight in some cold water, I killed the time in the only way I knew how. I made a Martini.

Add a healthy measure of Silent Pool to the tea and leave for five minutes, strain carefully and stir (sorry James) over ice. A rethink on a classic is always a bold move in my book, but the Silent Pool Gin Infusion is something special. I may have to carry some tea with me next time I order a Martini out.

Silent Pool Gin Glass Set

Flash forward to the following evening, Iced Tea Cold Extraction strained and ready to go. It’s time for a real G & Tea. Anyone vaguely familiar with Silent Pool will know how intricate and beautifully designed their glassware is. So, to not use one would just be disservice to yourself.

With my glass at the ready and the Cold Extraction in place of tonic, I had one of the most refreshing cocktails I’ve had in a long time.

This is just a sample of the cocktails on offer and I don’t think anyone will be upset if you try a little experimentation yourself. So, don’t miss out on this limited-edition Silent Pool Gin Rare Tea. It is available to purchase in a bespoke gift pack alongside a bottle of Silent Pool Gin via and priced at £47.95.

Such a versatile pairing will make the perfect gift for any Gin or Tea enthusiast.

Author Bio:

Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photographs courtesy of Silent Pool Gin

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