Enzina Fuschini Makes An Impact in Chelsea

Acclaimed international artist and designer, Enzina Fuschini launched her vibrant and colourful paintings collection IMPACT last week at 508 Kings Road Gallery in Chelsea, which will be on display until Monday 19th June 2017.

The collection of twelve oil on canvas paintings represent the moment of impact and different complexities in our lives.  When I asked Enzina whether the paintings were meant to represent moments in her life, she said no, they are representative of all our lives in a more general sense, whether they be positive or negative moments we experience and how these moments shape what we go on to do.  She said that generations have evolved throughout history to both suffer and benefit from strong forces and have shaped our spirit and intellect. This new collection is a pictorial force of energy in action with the artist wanting to change, transform and innovate the way people think.

Enzina Fuschini's The Others

“In my paintings, these consequences are expressed with nervous brush strokes that appear to have not nearly enough patience to deeply examine the impact on the canvas.  Instead colour and semi-geographical shapes are evoked to create this imagined space where we are all bound to share these moments.”

I have to say, I was quite taken by the bold, vibrant colours in the paintings, with a liberal use of ovals and circles which serve to symbolise man’s unending dilemmas and resolve within the force of impact.  In many ways, the paintings symbolise the energy that is evident when meeting and speaking with Enzina.  Her bubbly Italian personality is never far from the surface and she has a wonderful sense of humour and manages to look on the bright side of life, despite the challenges she has faced in her own life.

Enzina Fuschini's Encounter

As Enzina says, “We all need a point of reference that determines who we are, who we are about to become.  In the paintings, these points are reflected in the larger dark marks connecting one oval shape to the next.”

When studying the paintings, you will notice the pastel tones and shades used to create the feelings you get with the impact of unconditional love, kindness and peace, and represent the wonderful gift of life and the impact of human interaction, which can at times be so special.

Enzina Fuschini's Soft Impact

For those of you unfamiliar with Enzina’s paintings, some of her well-known works include ‘The Blue Lady with Red Lips’ and her signature collection, ‘Darlings’.  Her forty years of painting experience is illustrated in her bold, vibrant and colourful paintings that moves into the abstract and have drawn comparisons from art critics to the vitality and wit you find in works from the likes of Picasso, Matisse, Perahim, Klee, Kandinsky and Miro.

So if you do manage to make it over to the gallery in Chelsea, my advice is to step away from each of the twelve paintings once you have studied them and just take a moment to reflect on the impacts you have had on your life through the years and think how you react to each painting.  If you go along with your partner and a friend, share each other’s thoughts and emotions as you look at each painting.

I have my favourites, do let me know yours!

You can find out more about Enzina and her artwork on her website: www.enzinafuschini.com and on Instagram: @enzina_fuschini

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground Travel and Lifestyle and a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Photographs by Simon Burrell

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