Pretty Woman – The Musical

Pretty Woman Musical Company Cast
The Company cast. Photo by Marc Brenner

A buzz of excitement fizzed through Glasgow’s Theatre Royal as the packed audience waited for the musical opening of Pretty Woman.

Dazzling scenery and upbeat music greeted us as the tale, based on the hit 1990s film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, unfolded at pace.

Love Island winner from 2017, Amber Davies and theatre guru Oliver Savile had the task of lighting up the stage in the same way as Gere and Roberts did, and wow, they did just that.

With electric pace, sizzling on-stage chemistry, strong vocals and nifty footwork, the pair looked effortless in their roles.

The story is a simple one of workaholic businessman Edward Lewis, with little time for anything except making money, having a chance encounter with world-weary prostitute Vivian Ward.

A mutual business proposal sees Vivian move into Edward’s penthouse suite at an upmarket Los Angeles hotel for six days and a few thousand dollars.

But as the two get to know each other, they realise, despite their differing backgrounds, they are falling slowly in love.

Pretty Woman Musical Lead Actors
Oliver Savile ‘Edward Lewis’ and Amber Davies ‘Vivian Ward’. Photo by Marc Brenner

It’s a tale of love, money and power and sees underdog Vivian rescue Edward from a life of luxurious drudgery as she turns him from businessman to caring human being.

The two main characters are the stars of the show, but biting their heels are Strictly Come Dancing winner Ore Oduba, who switches between Mr Thompson, the kindly hotel manager and street dancing happy man, with aplomb and Noah Harrison, clearly relishing his role as Giulio, the fun bellhop.

Natalie Paris is wonderful as Vivian’s sidekick and mentor Kit de Luca and entertains with a powerful singing voice, and the second half includes fabulous opera vocals from Josh Damer-Jennings as Alfredo and Lila Falce-Bass (Violetta).

The whole cast is fresh and raring to go and Ben Darcy (Philip Stuckey) and Chomba Taulo (David Morse) help the production flow effortlessly.

With original music and lyrics from Grammy winner, Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance and stunning Broadway costumes by Tom Rogers, the show closes with the film’s inspiration, Roy Orbison and Bill Dee’s smash hit, Pretty Woman, cue happy audience up and dancing along, the sure sign of a fantastic night out!

Pretty Woman runs at The Theatre Royal, Glasgow until Saturday 25th November with tickets available from The show then heads south to Woking from 27th November to 2nd December and then up to Oxford from 4th to 9th December, seeing the year out in Stockton-on-Tees from 14th to 30th December before moving to Aberdeen in the new year.

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