Friendly Fun To Remember Popular Sitcom ‘Friends’

Popular American sitcom Friends is still pulling in the viewers 27 years after it was first aired.

Generations of families have simply loved watching Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay and Ross and Monica Geller as they embark on adult life in New York.

The show has been such a success at making people smile, that it has been suggested it is used as a therapy to help with depression.

Rachel and Monica's apartment in Friends

Now the Luna Cinema Partnership has crossed the Atlantic with the show to stage a very special Friends Festive Live production.

Friends Festival was at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens until yesterday, November 19th and then heads to the Truman Brewery in London from November 25th to December 19th and is a must for Friends fans.

You can gorge yourself daft on Friends fun, from enjoying an exhibition of original set features from the turkey head Joey wore at Thanksgiving, to a dinosaur artefact found in Ross’s house, the display contains some fabulous memorabilia and a visual timeline of how the show progressed from start to finish.

There are plenty of opportunities to take selfies on set in Joey and Chandler and Monica and Rachel’s apartments as well as the hub of daily life inside The Central Perk café.

Central Perk Friends Set

The sets contain original furniture and photographs, and everyone is given a QR code before arriving, so you can use your mobile phone to take album style images.

With a great atmosphere, you are simply immersed in Friends magic, the music from the series hits you as soon as you head through the door and there is a huge Central Park showing old clips and serving Friends cocktails and food.

To work off those calories, there is a chance to film yourself re acting Monica and Ross’s famous nightclub “Routine’’ dance or the iconic “Turkey’’ wiggle.

There’s a special Thanksgiving Armadillo Grotto where you can try out the famous Thanksgiving floating heads scene and an on street “ring that bell’’ to try out Phoebe’s attempt to help the poor.

Famous sofa in Central Perk

And you can try out the original Friends credits sofa complete with the umbrellas and generally go sitcom crazy.

It’s fun, warm and a fabulous way to enjoy the run up to Christmas and before you know it, you too will be trotting out those unforgettable lines: “how you doin’ ‘’ and “we are on a break!’’

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Photographs courtesy of Friends Festive

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