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I think have mentioned running once or twice in my articles, it has become quite an important part of my life. I am most certainly not built for running and had no natural affinity towards it when I was younger, but in my early to mid-twenties found it to be a cost-effective way to feel good about myself, way or another. In light of the current state of affairs in the UK – and the rest of the world – running for me has become more important than ever. Getting my daily exercises has been crucial to keeping not only the quarantine kilos at bay but straight up cabin fever. So in order to balance my sanity, running from my problems and becoming the speed demon everyone wants, I need to the best gear going!

For any reader that’s used to breaking a sweat and the smell of deep heat, I am sure they are familiar with ASICS. The Japanese brand has been creating innovations for athletes since 1949 and 2020 is not going to stop them. Kobe, Japan ASICS announce three revolutionary new shoes to power and protect athletes – the METARACER™ advanced racing shoe for long distances, the METARISE™ volleyball shoe and the spikeless METASPRINT™ track shoe for elite sprinters. Everything that ASICS do they keep performance and protection as the driving force behind their innovations.

“The three new shoes keep with the best ASICS tradition: they help athletes to perform better, but also keep them safe at the same time,” said Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer.

ASICS Metaracer

Now more than ever, keeping safe is a mission we are all a part of. The World Health Organization says that physical activity is an important way for people to cope with global restrictions on movement and enforced social distance.

With innovation in mind, ASICS was not going to let a pandemic dampen their spirits and put a hold on revealing the latest products to the world. This year they have turned their innovation summit into a Virtual Reality (VR) experience, which can be found here. Inviting the world to step into a virtual innovation lab of the ASICS Institute of Sport Science to see, learn and immerse yourself in the new shoes.

“We believe that now, more than ever, it’s really important to remember the positive impact of sport for individuals and society: exercise uplifts people, so they achieve a sound mind through a sound body. And what better way to showcase ASICS innovation than taking people to a virtual innovation lab that brings our technology to life,” said Yasuhito Hirota, the President & Chief Operating Officer of ASICS.

ASICS Metarise

All three new shoes will be available in limited quantities from selected ASICS retail and online stores and specialist run outlets, starting with the eagerly awaited METARACER™ in Japan from April 17th and followed globally from June 26th. The METASPRINT™ will also launch globally starting from April 17th and the METARISE™ from June 12th.

All three are being launched as a celebration of the city of Tokyo in a Sunrise Red Colour scheme; symbolising the hope, dedication and passion of an athlete.


The most advanced running shoe ASICS have ever developed, I’m not sure how they have managed to fit so much technology in. GUIDESOLE™ plus a carbon footplate for more stability. ASICS ENGINEERED MESH to keep your cool on those long hot runs. FLYTEFOAM™ tech for a lightweight and responsive feel. Not to mention the ASICS grip™ and WET GRIP RUBBER™ SPONGE to keep that traction no matter the conditions.

ASICS Metasprint


Built for higher jumps, faster movement and better stability without compromising power. The METARISE™ volleyball shoe takes FLYTEFOAM™ and RISETRUSS™ technology in the midfoot to give players that little bit of extra height needed. Research at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science has shown that the METARISE™ gives players an extra 3%lift for higher jumps – which for athletes can mean a difference of up to 2cm in the air.


ASICS have broken the mould for all competitive sprinters. Replacing traditional spikes with a honeycomb carbon fibre outsole that optimizes and enhances traction and delivers explosive speed with each stride. This innovation reduces contact time with the track and in turn, reduces any loss of power. A combination of STRETCH HL-O™ and ASICS DYNAWRAP™ ensures a second skin-like feel with full support and stability.

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Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Images courtesy of ASICS

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