Looking After My Laptop With A Harber London Carry-All MacBook Folio

As a travel writer, the majority of my time is happily spent sat in various locations staring at my beloved MacBook Pro. The beauty of this career is that my office is wherever I choose it to be – although I admit it’s often dependent on whichever café serves the best coconut flat white. My 15inch laptop is my lifeline. Without it I’d be helpless and, more importantly, entirely useless as an employee. I suppose I could write everything down on my phone, but it’s just not the same, and I spend enough time taking photos of smashed avocado on that thing anyway. Plus, I shudder at the thought of using pen and paper. How would I check for typos, back my doc up on iCloud or share it on social? No, no, no, those days are well and truly behind me, however strangely nostalgic they make me feel.

Harber London Carry-All MacBook Folio leather sleeve

So, when I hear of a colleague obliterating their MacBook when they dropped it on the concrete as they floated from café to café, I start to panic. I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to protect this aluminum essential of mine. Stuffing it in my man-bag will no longer suffice. That’s right, I’ve got a man-bag. Call me vain, but I feel that the beauty of the MacBook Pro deserves to be protected in something equally as exquisite. Speaking to my peers, one brand keeps coming up in conversation: Harber London. Following suit with Apple, Harber like to keep their designs as simple as possible, whilst not compromising an iota on quality. All of their products are lovingly handmade by the family business, and they offer an array of products from beautiful Apple Watch straps to majestically functional Nomad Organisers.

Plenty of pockets in the Harber London Carry-All MacBook Folio

But what I’m interested in is their laptop sleeves. Harber offer a range of MacBook Pro protection solutions from slim folios to leather and felt sleeves. As much as I try and live a minimal lifestyle, I always seem to carry an abundance of gadgets. From chargers to dongles, I need something that will keep them all tucked away safely. With that in mind, I opt for the largest version of the Carry-All Macbook Folio. Available in three stunning colours (I opt for tan) the folio offers a ‘relaxed fit’ that also has room for additional appliances as well as a MacBook. Not only is it made with Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather, it come with seductive 100% wool felt lining. During these brutal winter months in Edinburgh, it’s nice to know that at least my lappy is staying cosy.

Beautifully crafted leather laptop sleeve

I feel like the universe has bought me to this carry-all, since as well as a slick passport holder, it also boasts an inner-pouch designed to holster an Apple Pencil. To cure writer’s block, I often dabble as an artist and am a big fan of the award-winning app, Procreate, so this pen pocket is ideal for my needs. It’s those little touches that separates Harber London’s products from the crowd.

To safeguard your laptop, iPad, phone or any other technological imperative, head over to the Harber London website and follow them on Instagram.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh and one of our regular contributors.

Photographs courtesy of Harber London

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