Jabra Elite 85h

Growing up in the UK means that undoubtedly you will spend a lot of time on trains, it could be hopping over to your nearest city for a day trip with your mates, lugging 16 suitcases back from university for the Christmas break. Or as it stands now, standing in someone’s armpit on the district line while being held at a red signal. I have always found trains a necessary evil but on the whole a bit boring.

My good friend’s at Jabra felt I deserved better; the new Jabra Elite 85h would be just the ticket. Jabra’s new best-in-class ANC headphones provide the perfect urban oasis for any journey.

These are some of the most comfortable headphones I have ever used, while a little chunky on first impression, given the right tunes you will forget you are even wearing them. This is actually made possible by a battery life that leaves all other gadgets hanging their heads in shame. Up to 36 hours with ANC (active noise cancellation) active, 41 without ANC and 5 hours battery off just 15 minutes of charge. How about that for some stats!

Jabra Elite 85h on train

Jabra seemed determined to make the Elite 85h one of the smartest headphones on the market. SmartSound AI automatically adjusts to its surroundings and applies your personalised settings. Recognising when I am stuck face-to-face (quite literally) with my fellow Londoners, and actives ANC to take me away to my own personal music video. Or 15 minutes beforehand, knowing I was on a busy platform, switching on HearThrough so I could still hear what was going on around me. Safety never sleeps.

I’m aware i’ve not actually mentioned the most important thing about a pair of headphones but fear not. The sound quality of these cans is phenomenal. They can handle the deep bassy lows just as well as eye-watering highs, and provide a truly honest experience to the user. This is the case no matter your musical preference, rock to rap to reggae or even pop to punk to podcast.

For me, a good pair of headphones has always been about the sum of its parts, especially in such a competitive marketplace. What gives the Jabra Elite 85h the edge are those small details that you wouldn’t consider until you start to use them. The aforementioned personalisation takes place in the Jabra Sound+ app, I am able to tweak bars, waves, trebles. And other musical things exactly to your liking. But it also tracks the location of the headphones the last time they were connected. Utter witchcraft! Or how about pausing and playing your music as you take the headphones on and off, letting you know the battery level when first connecting, certified rain resistant materials or simply twisting the cans 45° to turn them off and on. Small effortless details that make the Elite 85h a joy to use.

Jabra Elite carrying case

As you may be able to tell I am a fan of these headphones and they have been my go-to pair for all things travelling, which is a lot of trains in my case (and the odd plane). All day comfort and battery life, superior sound and connectivity, forward-thinking technology and design plus a nifty little travel bag to keep them safe.

For more information on the Jabra Elite 85h or to grab a pair yourself check out www.jabra.co.uk

Author Bio:

Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photographs courtesy of Jabra

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