Keeping My Family Jewels Safe With Diamond MMA

I’ve been kickboxing for a while now, and one of the things I like most about it is that whilst kicks and knees to the legs are perfectly legal, intentional blows to the nether regions can result in an automatic disqualification when in competition. So, in my training sessions I have never felt the need to wear a protective box.

However, immediately after my kickboxing class, a Krav Maga session begins. Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces and – among many other unpleasant tactics – shots to the private parts are actively encouraged. I’d never participated in the class but had been weirdly intrigued, especially when I saw that they were practising machine gun defence. Something I hope I will never need, but it looked pretty cool all the same.

Diamond MMA Cup

After months of watching the beginning of the class as I left my kickboxing classes, I finally decide to give it a go. I’m partnered with a tough-looking chap, as you’d expect, and when I point out the fact that I’m not wearing a box, he unsympathetically says, “That’s your problem pal.” Lovely chap. I won’t go into detail as to what exactly happened, but as soon as I hobble home after the session, I get on the internet and search for the very best in martial arts groin protection.

I haven’t worn a box since my cricket days at school and am a little scarred from memories of one item being shared amongst the team, especially as I typically batted at number 11.

So, when I find Diamond MMA, my eyes light up. I never thought I’d describe a box as ‘a thing of beauty’ but this isn’t like the murky-coloured piece of plastic we’d pass down the batting order all those years ago. Staying true to the brand name, it’s shaped like a diamond and is available with either a jock strap or compression shorts. They have some amazing photos of their pro team wearing the compression shorts, so I go for them. Diamond MMA originally set out to provide the best protection for combat sports, and they have achieved this and then some. The product that they’ve developed is so impressive that it’s being widely used in all sports that offer a hint of contact. From rugby to hockey, athletes are trusting their family jewels with Diamond MMA.

Diamond MMA Compression Shorts

When the package (excuse the pun) arrives, I’m overjoyed. It fits like a dream, and the fact that the box is built from the same material that’s used in bulletproof glass makes me feel 10 times more confident for my next class. Plus, it’s as comfy as wearing a normal pair of shorts and doesn’t hinder my movement in the slightest.

When it’s time for my next Krav Maga class, I’m partnered with the same opponent. He has a cruel look in his eye and smiles as he asks me if I have invested in a box. I nod and tell him to give me all he’s got. He may look tough, but I have bullet-proof protection. And the video below fills me with confidence.

To protect your family jewels, head to Diamond MMA’s website and get protected.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh and one of our regular contributors.

Photographs courtesy of Diamond MMA

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