Light Up Dark Evenings With The Lezyne Mini Drive 300 / KTV Pro

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of winter. Partly because my Scottish-induced tan fades to a shade of which even Casper would be ashamed, but mainly because it’s dark. All the time. It’s not unusual for me to leave my house before the sun is up, be too cold to leave my desk for lunch and then sadly watch the sun set at a ridiculously early hour in the afternoon and cycle home in the pitch-black.

I’m lucky in the fact that my daily commute is along a cycle path through a forest and alongside a river. Like most woodland-based cycle paths, it’s sublime in summer mornings but a little stabby on winter nights. Still, I take my chances, as I think it’s safer than the wet, road-raged ridden roads. Especially now I have my Lezyne Mini Drive 300’s on the front of my bike, and the intense flash setting would blind any would-be assailants. Don’t let the word Mini in the title fool you, though. Yes, they are compact and weigh a mere 82g, but they sure do pack a punch. On my way home down the dark forest trail, an undesirable type shouts at me, “Oi, turn yer lights doon pal!” which I take as a compliment (and then start peddling really fast).

Lezyne KTV PRO

I’ve coupled these fantastic little front lights with the KTV Pro on the back. This rear light features a mighty five output modes, ranging from fierce flashing to a solid red glare. The extended lens for 180 degrees of visibility ensures that you’re seen from a decent distance. As you’re peddling away. Really fast.

Both lights have a nifty USB charging port at the back and power-up in no time. They are available as a pair at a very affordable price making them a great stocking-filler if you’re loaded, or just as a decent present for a cycling loved one. Lezyne do offer a more power pair of lights if you feel as if you need an upgrade, but so far these lights have got me home safely (and faster than usual).

To get yourself a pair, head over to the Leyzne website.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photographs courtesy of Upgrade Bikes

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