Lighter Komperdell Poles To Boost Your Trail Running Speed

The better weather means a chance to be out and about more and improve our fitness.

Trail running has become a popular sport in the summer, mainly because the surfaces are softer than the traditional pavement or road running and so less chance of sustaining a serious injury.

Combining running with hiking is a great way to see the countryside and embrace the environment around us.

As with all sports, it is easier to be successful if you have the right equipment. Austrian experts Komperdell are world renowned for their knowledge and quality products.

And they have launched new poles in time for the summer season. The FXP Trail Running Self Deploying Poles (RRP £179.95) do just the job. They are 30 percent lighter, going from 11 parts to three, which makes them significantly lighter than the average poles.

Ideal for trail running and fast mountain walking, they can be clicked into action with a flick of the wrist, and they have no fiddly levers or hinges to deal with.

FXP Trail Running Self Deploying Pole

With a cork grip and special power lock, the poles weigh 204g and have a click in three section strap. In luminous green or pink, the poles are also eye catching!

Soon to be released alongside the poles is the X Trail Packs where you can store not only the poles, but a drinking bottle and straw and a rain jacket.

The pack is washable and can be doubled to increase the volume and come with adjustable straps to make sure of a comfortable fit as you run along.

Komperdell make their poles in the heart of the Salzkammergut region near Salzburg and have been manufacturing them for 100 years. The firm is committed to quality products, exceptional service and responsible treatment of the environment, using only recycled materials. The factory runs on renewable energy and every year, highly trained experts get their heads together to invent and produce better products to help hikers and runners.

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Photographs courtesy of Komperdell

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