We Meet Soho George

Our intrepid London-based photographer Pietro Recchia has been out and about in Town this January following his visit to London Fashion Week Men’s at the beginning of the month, where we reported on the new autumn/winter 2018 collections and brands. However on this occasion he had the pleasure of meeting with George Skeggs , better known locally as Soho George, a true local who was born and raised in London.  Whilst having a few words with him, he also managed to take these wonderful photographs of George, who adds a little extra colour every time he’s spotted out and about on the streets of Soho.

Soho George's Hat

Soho George is an eighty-something rather eccentric dapper gentleman, well established and well known in the city’s fashion circles for his 1950’s menswear and has become somewhat of a fashion icon for the unique and sophisticated way he dresses, not just for special occasions such as the Fashion Weeks, but you will see him dressed in his individual elegant style all year round, taking great pride in his appearance.

Soho George about Town

All George’s suits are custom made for him and his hats are made by the same designer who made David Bowie’s hats.  Clothes should suit one’s personality and that is clearly the case with Soho George who manages to add a modern twist to his classic menswear outfits.

Soho George's Shoes

If you go to Soho George’s Twitter page you will see him describe himself as a “Hetrosexual Cockney Artist Hogarthian Rake (who) loves individuality, style and sleeps in front of a mirror.”  He says that he is an “ex-gigolo old man held together with polygrip and rubber bands!”  Well, we have to say it must be working, as he still looks pretty darn good!

Editorial by Simon Burrell, Editor-in-Chief of Our Man On The Ground and photographs by Pietro Recchia, a London-based photographer specialising in fashion, portraits and luxury events.

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