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My nomadic lifestyle is finally complete… I have a portable home cinema

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s easy to make fun of the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. The image of smug millennials ‘working’ in sunny climes via Instagram promotion while really working on their tan lines just doesn’t sit well with people slogging out a 9-5. I get it. I could argue that we’re not all bad and that there is in fact a growing base of young, legitimately hardworking professionals and entrepreneurs who have simply seized on the opportunities afforded to them by modern day living and remote working possibilities…but…I’ve just gotten my own portable home cinema. Don’t be salty.

This isn’t my dream life – but only because historically I wouldn’t have even thought to dream of it. It’s more like an indulgent fantasy with unexpected plot twists, turns and futuristic powers – like the ability to, three days in to a four-day trek up a mountain, enjoy a double billing of Crocodile Dundee I and II, fireside. Technology is a marvel and I, remarkably, am its master.

Nebula Capsule

The Nebula Capsule by Anker is just about as beautiful a thing as technology has birthed thus far. It’s the size and shape of a coke can with just the right amount of heft (15 oz to be exact) to make it feel precious. If you do decide to glamp it up in the wilderness then the four hours of continuous playtime stored in the battery will allow for a few good night’s worth of entertainment. Once back in the land of wattages, the Nebula’s quick charge tech allows for fast re-juicing even when in use; plus, the 360o speaker means that every viewer will receive the same level of heart-pounding soundtrack or, if using in speaker-only mode, groovy tunes.

Spec-wise, the Nebula runs on advanced DLP technology that utilises IntelliBright algorithms to provide a clear 100 ANSI Im picture of up to 100 inches. For those of you who just read a line of gibberish, this means that in dim light, the Nebula’s image quality will be decent up to a screen size of 100 inches. Not too shabby!

One of my favourite aspects about the Nebula is that it’s compatible with Android 7.1 and comes with streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube already installed. I’m not in love with the remote, which needs to be pointed directly at the back of the projector to work, but luckily I needn’t be as I can easily control the screen directly from my phone after downloading the dedicated Capsule Control app (available for both iOS and Android users).

Linking to Nebula Capsule

The Nebula’s connectivity possibilities are seemingly endless with screen mirroring capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, along with the hardware options of HDMI and USB ports. If I ever do get down to work and want give an impromptu presentation in a co-working space (I know, I know) then the wireless casting will allow me to effortlessly mirror Word, Excel, PPT, and similar documents straight from whichever smart device that I’m using (alright, even I hate me a little bit…).

So, as I prepare my to-do list for tomorrow – think: international Skyping, sunbathing and piña coladas from my hammock in Belize (read: answering emails, editing, and more emails from my basement flat in Edinburgh) – I sync up all of my FUN FUN FUN tasks to my new favourite toy, so that I can keep living the dream in 100 inches of cold, hard clarity.

Author Bio:

Melanie Chenoweth is a London based, freelance food writer and photographer. If you can eat it, she’ll snap it. Then eat it. Then write about it.

Photographs courtesy of Nebula Capsule by Anker

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