Powering Sustainable Living Off Grid With Unibank™

Outdoor living with indoor benefits seems an ideal way to keep everyone happy.

Unibank™ is a new device on the market which will provide power away from the usual charger. It works via an app on your smartphone and one pull of a neatly stored cord for 90 seconds, can give you 25 minutes of talk time on your mobile.

The clever device, which won global acclaim at the International Design Awards in the sustainable living environmental preservation section, is the answer to your power prayers.

The pull cord at the back of the unit allows the user to create power with the use of a primary generator and a secondary source from the recoil motion and this cuts your electricity consumption and helps reduce carbon usage.

But it is not just ideal for the phone, there are also a range of attachments including an ambient light, Bluetooth® speaker, panic alarm, and laser measuring device – all controlled from an intuitive, feature rich, free app.

Unibank™ and smartphone

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant! The app also shows in-depth analytics of both the Unibank’s and smartphone batteries and utilises the data, to make sure everything is in tip top condition.

The innovative product has taken four years to make to create an unlimited power source which works off grid and allows you to stay connected wherever you are.

All the attachments are easy to fit, which makes the device a versatile piece of multi-functional kit, which will never run out of power.

As well as the app, the Unibank™ can be charged via a USB port and used like any other power bank charger.

The power bank retails at £89.95 with attachments ranging from £24.95. For more information, check out https://unibanktm.com/

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Photographs courtesy of Unibank™

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