Vape It Or Leave It – Relieving Pain With Aztec CBD

First thing’s first – I have never smoked. Never have, never will. Everything about cigarettes disgusts me. I don’t like the label, but I guess I would (begrudgingly) describe myself as a fitness freak. Ironically, what inevitably comes with doing lots of exercise, is a lot of injuries. I basically live my life in some sort of low-level yet near-constant pain and I’m sick of it! After writing about various CBD products in a previous review and appreciating its myriad benefits, I did a little more digging and found out something very interesting – CBD is absorbed by your body fastest… when inhaled. Not being a smoker, I was initially wary of this but when I discovered that you can vape the 100% legal and non-psychoactive cannabis extract on its own, my curiosity is piqued.

I only eat organic food where possible, so it is essential for me that if I’m going to vape CBD, it must be organic. So I’m delighted when I discover Aztec CBD; not only do I adore their geometric branding, but their products are fully organic and sourced from certified local farmers.

Aztec CBD OG Kush

So, after buying a starter-kit from my local hipster vape shop (this all feels very weird, as I would never normally set foot in these places), it’s time to try a couple of Aztecs liquids out. First up is the Super Lemon Haze, mainly chosen because I love lemons (can you tell I’m a novice?). I’m strangely nervous at first, but as inhale the 300mg variety I am a pleasantly surprised. Not at the flavour, yes, it is very lemony, but more that it doesn’t make me cough or feel anything at all really. The idea of CBD is that you don’t actually feel anything when taking it – you just don’t feel the thing you were feeling. In my case this is muscular pain, but there are reports of people finding it effective for everything from epilepsy to eczema. I’ve only put a wee bit of this zesty goodness in, so after a few days of sporadic use my vape is empty and ready to try the other flavour, O.G. Kush. Again, I got the 300mg, but Aztec provide a range from 100mg up to 1000mg depending on your needs. This flavour also has hints of lemon, but more of a sour lemon. But what I’m most excited about is the relief from the eternal agony that my back seems to be experiencing.

Despite its legality and zero-nicotine content, I still feel funny about vaping and only do it when I’m sure people aren’t watching… but this is definitely something I intend to keep up. As with anything that isn’t legislated by the government, it is important to only buy CBD from reputable sources. Aztec go to great lengths to ensure that their CBD products are produced with supercritical CO2 extraction which is tested for pesticides and contaminants. I’m not suggesting that people should smoke, quite the opposite. But if you’re interested in seeing if CBD can benefit you, then Aztec CBD isn’t a bad place to start.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photographs courtesy of Aztec CBD

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