Clearing Out My Wallet, With The Ridge iPhone Case

At the beginning of every year, I make the same three promises to myself: I will go the gym, eat more greens and follow more of a minimalist lifestyle. Whilst the first two objectives are obviously never going to happen, I’m determined to stick to the third this year. In my recent article about the Ridge Wallet, I had an almighty clear-out of the cards in my wallet. But now it’s time to strip things back even more. I’m going down to a mere two cards. How’s this possible you might ask? Well, by craftily failing my New Year’s resolutions, I don’t need my gym card. That just leaves my driving license and my three credits cards. After recently discovering Curve, I can consolidate all my cards into one. I’m not sure how good your maths is, but that leaves me with…yes, two cards, AKA The Holy Grail of minimalism.

The reason for this potentially excessive clear-out is that my new Ridge iPhone case, not only has a beautiful oil-waxed leather finish, but it has space for a couple of cards in the back. It’s sturdy enough to protect my phone when I inevitably drop it for the eighteenth time of the day, and the raised bevel protects the screen. Also, it makes my credit card and driving license look awesome. I could get used to this.

Ridge iPhone Case and Credit Cards

Without a wallet in my pocket I feel lighter (figuratively and literally – this case weighs a mere 0.5 oz). If I ever do make it to the gym and need my neglected membership card, I’ll accompany this case with my Ridge wallet, but for now I’m going to try and live a binate-card lifestyle. Now if only it could hold my keys. Maybe the clever chaps at Ridge will solve that next year…

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Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photographs courtesy of The Ridge

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