The Roborock S6 – This Robot Really Rocks

Life’s busy. Everyone knows that. Especially when you have children who seem to take incredible delight in somehow destroying the entire house whilst you dare to take a second in order to check Facebook. With my humble abode in a continual state of destruction, I feel that I only have two options now.

  1. Delete my Facebook app
  2. Get a robot hoover

As my index finger hovers over the X button on Zuckerberg’s blue and white F logo, a strange force directs my pointer away from the remove button and points towards the new Roborock S6 that has arrived at my doorstep. With a sigh of relief, I apologise to my phone for even considering obliterating its most-used app and holster my device. I excitedly open up the crisp packaging and unleash the rather handsome disc-shaped hoover. It’s now obvious why this was recognised for design excellence in the 2019 iF Design Award.

Roborock S6 in action

As I sift through the instructions, it turns out that I can name each room in my house and once the hoover has mapped out the floor plan, I can instruct the S6 to go and clean that room or even schedule it to do it at a time convenient to me. In fact I can do this across the entire house! In stark contrast to my two delightful little offspring being unable to grasp the simple concept of keeping their Coco Pops in – or even roughly around – their mouths, the Roborock S6 quickly learns the floorplan of the ground floor of our home. I wonder what the great William H. Hoover would make of this. I imagine he’d put his feet up and let the robot get on with its job, as I proceed to do.

Now, I’m not meaning to show off, but my house has three floors. And it’s an absolute first-world nightmare to clean them all. Whilst gliding around the top floor, I’m intrigued to see what the S6 does as it approaches the stairs. As I unlock the stairgate, I’m a little nervous, as this is a potentially expensive experiment… but it turns out that this robot can do another thing my children struggle with. It doesn’t topple down the stairs due to its intelligent Cliff Sensor, and noiselessly retreats back to its programmed mission. I didn’t have the already impressively taciturn S5, but apparently this is 50% quieter.

Roborock S6 vacuuming

Not only does the S6 do a remarkable job of hovering, it also mops. At the same time. Even I can’t do that. After following this thing in utter amazement, my entire house has never looked so sparking. We live in an incredibly exciting time of technology, and Roborock are at the forefront of the domestic sector. To find out more about the S6 and to purchase your own, visit the Roborock website.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh and one of our regular contributors.

Photographs courtesy of Roborock

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