Five Trends Transforming The Car Industry In 2020

Today’s car industry is developing at an exhilarating pace. This is in response to ever-changing consumer attitudes which are demanding a smarter, greener approach to motoring. Read this guide to discover the top trends in the industry you need to know about in 2020.

The rise of “Smart” vehicles

If we were to pick out one overriding theme across these trends, it would be the rise of smart features. Many aspects of modern life have been greatly enhanced by digitisation, and cars are no exception. From AI-powered voice assistants to autonomous vehicles and connected cars, car manufacturers are constantly innovating ways to make vehicles more intelligent. All of this technology is designed with the intention of making journeys more comfortable and safer for drivers and passengers alike. Smart technology can also help to make cars more environmentally friendly by optimising fuel economy and performance.

The growth of greener alternatives

Another big trend that leaps out is the emergence of greener alternatives in response to consumer demand for more sustainable transport options. More and more drivers are opting for zero-emission electric vehicles over traditional combustion engine cars. Currently, electric vehicles (EVs) represent only 1% – 3% of all passenger cars. However, 30% of all cars are expected to be electric by 2030.

There is also a decline in car ownership which can be partly attributed to increasing interest in car sharing services. In fact, it is expected that 1 in 10 cars purchased will be a shared vehicle by the year 2030.

Empty cockpit of autonomous car, HUD(Head Up Display) and digital speedometer. self-driving vehicle
Empty cockpit of autonomous car, HUD (Head Up Display) and digital speedometer in self-driving vehicle

Understanding the technology in our cars

As we start a new decade, the new cars we buy might well be more technologically advanced than ever before but a large percentage of drivers remain clueless about how to use the technology in them, according to a new study carried out by The British Motor Show. In fact, 35% of motorists say they don’t understand or know how to use the technological features on their vehicles! Some 25% of new car owners say that no information was given to them about the technology on their new purchase.

Learn more

If you’re keen to learn more about what lies ahead for the car industry, then you should take a look at this informative infographic from Woodstock Motors. This interesting graphic looks at some emerging trends and innovations in 2020, including connected cars, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, car sharing and AI-powered voice assistants.

Scroll down to the infographic below to learn more about the top trends that are disrupting the automotive industry today.


Infographic of 5 Trends Transforming the Car Industry in 2020

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