Bespoke Electric Conversions of Classic Cars

Electric Fiat 500

The popularity of classic cars is on the rise with many people looking to classic cars as an alternative to having to buy an expensive new electric car and the blandness that most of them exude. Let’s face it they all pretty much look the same with very few exceptions, and if you want the exception, be prepared to folk out a lot of money, those Porsche Taycans and Audi e-trons carry a hefty price tag.

Thankfully there are a lot of companies springing up in the UK who will willingly help you part with your hard-earned cash and convert your existing internal combustion engine car into a more efficient EV, thus preserving it for years to come.

But there are of course many people who would just like to future proof their basic runaround and save themselves some money into the bargain.

So, if you happen to be one of those lucky people who have an old unloved classic car tucked away in your garage at home that needs a little TLC, then maybe Jack Kerridge can help.

When Jack converted his clapped-out Fiat 126 into an electric car, he realised he was on to something and started Silent Classics, a company which today specialises in converting classic cars into electric classic cars, and in particular Fiat 500s, using Tesla technology and 3D printing.

Based in Shaftesbury, Silent Classics is all about breathing new life into classic cars through the use of cutting-edge electric technology with the goal of preserving the timeless beauty of vintage and classic cars while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint.

Electric unit for Fiat 500 classic cars

Jack works with a team of experts that specialise in converting conventional classics into electric classics. While their focus is very much on the classic, characterful and somewhat temperamental Fiat 500, which has been transformed into a delightful daily drive, with a bespoke interior and customised tech, they have also converted some cars at the other end of the spectrum, such as an iconic original Datsun 240z.

Classic cars are very much part of Jack’s blood as he was taught by his dad, who was a classic car expert, and spent much of his childhood in his father’s workshop. Today, things have moved on in leaps and bounds, and the company now uses cutting edge Tesla and 3D printing technology to make the cars they convert more sustainable and, in many cases, even more stylish.

The team at Silent Classics share not only Jack’s passion for high-quality workmanship but also his vision for the future of the classic car industry, so that people will be able to enjoy classic cars for many years to come and with less of an environmental impact which should keep the green brigade happy.

If you happen to have an old Fiat 500, then you will know that they were manufactured and marketed from 1957 until 1975 and have become a car classic ever since. This tiny retro Italian car is fun and to this day remains stylish without being ostentatious. Silent Classics have put together something truly special for the car by creating their tailored Fiat 500 conversion kit.

When I asked Jack whether he has converted any unusual cars, he replied:

“We have just converted a 1960’s Bentley S2 for a chap called Peter Bellerby who is the founder of Bellerby Globes. This car is now back in London with Peter. It is a completely original car with the original paint job. To be honest for a Bentley it is extremely tatty, but it sure turns many heads particularly now it’s electric.”

If you have an old classic car that you have been thinking about getting converted to electric, then pay a visit to Silent Classic’s website for more information:

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Simon Burrell is Editor of OMOTG Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Silent Classics

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