A Guide to Top Attractions and Activities around Birmingham Airport

Library of Birmingham
Library of Birmingham taken from across Centenary Square

Birmingham seems to divide Brits into two categories: the ones who love it and the ones who love to hate it. However, everyone agrees that it is a city with a long and interesting history. From its industrial heritage to real Birmingham gangsters, this city in the central part of England has a lot of reasons to deserve the attention and love it receives. Since it is not a small city, we will focus on the area surrounding Birmingham Airport. You will be surprised by the top attractions and activities that await visitors in that region.

Park at Birmingham Airport

You can take your time exploring the attractions near Birmingham Airport, while your car is safely parked at a parking space on-site or in the vicinity of the airport. As you can probably imagine, there are numerous businesses operating there, each offering both standard and unique parking services. You can easily compare Birmingham airport parking features and deals on bookfhr.com. Visitors get an extensive list of various affordable services, for example from parking your car at a business which is a walking distance from the airport to having a valet pick up and park your car at a protected parking space. Once you’ve spotted your preferred offer, all you have to do is secure it, by booking it online.

Getting about from Birmingham Airport

Depending on how close or far your preferred attractions are, there are many modes of transport that can take you from Birmingham Airport to surrounding locations and vice versa. Buses from Birmingham and coaches from different parts of the United Kingdom arrive and depart, facilitating affordable transfers to and from the airport. The highways bridging various parts of West Midlands with Birmingham Airport are in excellent condition, allowing taxis, private cars and hire vehicles to come and go with ease.

Top Attractions in the Birmingham Airport region

If you are looking for a fun and memorable day trip from Birmingham Airport if you are perhaps on a layover, then here are some fascinating attractions in the region that you shouldn’t miss.

Sheldon Country Park

A stone’s throw away from Birmingham Airport, Sheldon Country Park promises moments of peace and quiet. You can wander around 300 acres full of grassland, woodland and hedgerows. You can also explore a 17th Century dairy farm where Jersey cows, pigs, goats, geese and ponies now live.

Cadbury World

Another family-friendly idea that guarantees a memorable day trip from Birmingham Airport is a visit to a museum dedicated to the Cadbury chocolate brand. Who wouldn’t love to learn how chocolate is made and taste some? We’re sure that both children and adults will love this museum.

Resorts World Birmingham

For those looking for material enjoyment, a trip to Resorts World Birmingham is a brilliant idea. It is an entertainment complex where you can visit a casino, clothes shops, cinema and restaurants.

The Birmingham Airport area also has many more fun activities to offer, so book your accommodation and parking space now and enjoy a fun day out.

Birmingham Library image by BlueandWhiteStripes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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