How To Keep Yourself Entertained Whilst Travelling

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While travelling promises epic adventures across the globe, unfortunately there will be periods when you’ll have to pass the time. Whether you’re waiting for a plane, holding out until the weather improves or simply killing time in your accommodation, you’ll find yourself confronted with spare time in between activities.

While this may feel unappealing, you can use this time to your advantage. By swapping the prospect of ‘spare time’ with ‘time you can use to unwind’, you’ll be in a much better headspace.

Here’s how you can keep yourself entertained while travelling.


Too often people fall out of love with reading. In a time where screens are everything, reading a book can easily fall off the radar. People feel pressured for time or simply haven’t found the genres that pique their interests.

And remember, if physical books are a pain when travelling for a long period of time, you could look into a lightweight Kindle or even audiobooks so that you can soak up books on the go. Fiction and non-fiction books offer escapism, which can be ideal if you’re waiting in a bus station or killing time before checking into your accommodation. Then of course, if you’re lucky enough to spend time relaxing on a beach or by a pool, that’s yet another excuse to dive head-first into a book while you’re relaxed.

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Mobile and handheld gaming has blown up in the past few years and there’s no shortage of games to choose from. Whether you go for an online card game like Uno or a bingo app with classic and unique games to play, you have plenty of options up your sleeve.

When played in moderation and depending on the games you choose, mobile games can enhance problem-solving and logic. Plus, you can choose from quick games or slightly longer options as you please.


Streaming has come on in leaps and bounds, allowing people to watch their favourite shows here, there and everywhere. From films to series and sports tournaments, you can hunker down and watch whatever you like from your phone, tablet or laptop. Paired with a good set of headphones, you can escape your surroundings and enjoy a little ‘me time’.

Regardless of what you decide to watch, even the longest of journeys will feel less of a slog if you watch something to help you pass the time.


While audiobooks can be great to help pass the time, podcasts allow you to chop and change topics more frequently. Some are as little as 10 or 15 minutes long, while others last almost a couple of hours.

You can choose from a range of topics, including current affairs and podcasts with celebrity guests. However, you may gravitate towards a particular niche, such as crime, fashion, sports or food podcasts.

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