Personal Hygiene While Travelling: Staying Clean on the Go

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Hygiene is an absolutely must when travelling, whether you’re abroad or moving around the country. Encountering endless contact points and people means that you’re exposed to more bacteria and germs than you ordinarily would be. It’s hugely important to maintain your hygiene while on the go, not least because it means you’re less likely to become ill after picking up an illness while on your travels. Nobody wants to feel unwell by the time they reach their final destination!

From washing your hands regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria to using a whitening water flosser to keep your teeth and breath extra fresh, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself in top condition while travelling. Here’s what you need to know about staying clean while on the move.

Keep washing your hands

Make sure you wash your hands regularly. If you’re unlikely to have access to soap and water, it’s worth carrying a travel-sized hand sanitiser. Not all bathrooms will have the best washing facilities either, so this is a good backup plan. Travelling tends to involve touching a range of surfaces that many others have also touched, so it’s even more important to stay on top of handwashing. At the same time, try to avoid touching surfaces where you can.

Experts also suggest that you should avoid touching your face where possible, as this can transfer bacteria to your mouth and eyes. Having a pack of tissues on you is another good hack in case you need to blow your nose or mop up spillages while on the move.

Keep clean on the go

If you’re travelling over a long period, particularly if it involves a long-haul flight, there are things you can do to stay fresh. In an ideal world, regular showers are the best option. Otherwise, antibacterial wipes can be handy to freshen up with if you have limited access to a shower and it’s always useful to have a small deodorant or body spray, so you feel a little less self-conscious.

Staying on top of dental hygiene is another important factor as bad breath is the last thing you want while travelling! You can get miniature travel packs of toothbrushes and toothpaste to help with this, as well as small travel bottles for your mouthwash. Dental floss is super portable too and can help keep bad breath at bay.

Drink enough water

Reports state the Brits don’t drink enough water and there are ongoing campaigns to help combat this. Your saliva is antiseptic and works as a natural defence against diseases and toxins and staying hydrated helps to aid the saliva levels in your mouth.

Drinking enough water also helps your body function more efficiently and part of this includes keeping your immune system in check.

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