7 Practical Tips to Make Your Travel Vlogging Dream a Reality


Travel vlogs offer real-life experiences, reviews, tips and other important information about different destinations. Travel vlogging has recently gained huge popularity, mainly because of the exclusive data it presents to interested travellers.

But the process is not as easy as it is considered to be. If travel vlogging is your dream, then the very first thing you need to understand is that your vlogs should be inspiring, authentic and engaging.

Make sure they allow the viewers to experience places second hand. That should not come as a surprise to you considering that travel vlogs get four times higher attention and engagement on the social media platforms than the other travel content varieties.

If you are hell-bent on sharing your personal travel experiences with a wider audience, it’s time you start a travel vlog. But wait, there’s more to this process than simple video recording and the amalgamation of content, both visual and audio.

Give wings to your dream of travel vlogging by following the seven tips we detail here.

  1. Avoid filming everything

Huh, do not take this lightly. There’s a reason why this tip is right on top of the list of the best travel vlogging tips to follow. Filming everything experienced on the trip will not make interesting memories.

Of course, they are good because they do not make you miss out on a single moment, but they might prove useless in the end. Also staying glued to your video camera only to capture every moment will not help you live at that moment.

Therefore, be wise and set aside a bit of time to get an idea of the type of videos you are looking to make. Doing it this way can help you save the camera battery and a lot of time as well and you will have a great travel experience.

  1. Get the perfect equipment

When it comes to video marketing through travel vlogs, you must have your eyes on the right tools. First and foremost, you must use comfortable gear during the process. No matter whether it’s a mirrorless camera, DSLR, smartphone camera, action camera or point-and-shoot device, make sure it is comfortable.

Instead of using two cameras, it is better to use a more discreet one perfect for vlogging in all locations. Such devices can serve as great backups on hiking adventures when you should pack light.

Apart from the camera, which is the most important device for travel vlogging, there are other tools to consider. Make sure you have extra batteries so the camera can be powered easily when there’s battery drainage right in the middle of a shot.

Gorilla pods or tripods are life savers during travel vlogs. After all, you don’t know when you might have to vlog hands-free.

Man vlogging

Image by Silviu on the street from Pixabay

  1. Find the right niche

Now that’s something you really need to work on if you want to become a successful travel vlogger. Consider a specific niche that will get you more traffic. Do you want to grab recognition as a solo traveller or a budget traveller?

Are you looking to serve as an entertaining traveller or a mommy traveller? Deciding on the things you want to have your focus on will help you produce top quality content perfectly aligned with the niche you have chosen.

Your niche can be anything you come across during the trip. Vlogging on foods from different countries will also work. If you are an art lover, art pieces from different places can be your niche. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your vlogging niche.

  1. Always focus on making exclusive videos

Creating exclusive video content is crucial. You have the option of following a popular vlogger for generating ideas about the content you want to create. But make sure not to copy them. You can make exclusive videos that are unique, informative and engaging by using a video editor online.

Including unique styles in your videos by incorporating already available stylistic travelogue templates will get easier if you think of the completely exclusive experiences you had during the trip. Do not refrain from showing some personality in the videos. It’s a good idea to be inspired by the other vloggers but always remain your own self.

You never really know; your very own idea might get you great stardom on YouTube. So, be as original as you can.

  1. Keep videos short, sweet and succinct

Do the viewers a favour by giving them short, sweet and simple to-the-point videos. Packing too much information in the content can make it dull and lengthy. If, by any chance you have created one long video, try chopping it off to make it more digestible.

Remember, short and smaller chunked videos with specific and clear titles are more appealing to viewers who do not have a long attention span. Keep your videos under 20 minutes and not more than that to avoid boredom.

The best is to work with a 3-minute time span if you do not want viewers to leave in between. Also, make sure the talking sections are not longer than 30 seconds. The finished product should not be in bits and pieces. It must have short clips that are both informative and appealing.

  1. Do not miss out on good music

This is very important if you really want your videos to catch people’s attention. But make sure the music you choose fits your content. Good music will have the strongest impact on the viewers, and you must not forget this in any circumstance.

Choose music that not only accentuates the ideas you are looking to draw attention to but also keeps the viewer’s attention intact. Of course, you can use pop or rock music or some chill tropical tunes for making the coolest videos.

  1. Be serious

Make sure you take your vlog seriously. Do everything professionally and ensure there are no mistakes in the content. You must be passionate about the travel vlogs you are working on. Consider it as a career choice and you will enjoy success.


Travel vlogging can be both worthwhile and exciting but only when done in the right way. Follow the tips above and inspire fellow travelling enthusiasts with the best vlogs.

Top image by Nghia Nguyen from Pixabay

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