Things To Do in Moscow For a Memorable Trip

If one says that the West has New York to showcase its extravagance and elegance, then one could easily say that Moscow represents the East. Moscow is a very large city with many buildings that speak about the glorious past of Russia. The place holds the privilege of being the capital city of the ex-Soviet Union and today’s Russia.

Every corner of the city has a speck of luxury associated with it. Grandiose buildings, luscious parks and enormous structures add glory and beauty to the city and are worth visiting after getting the Russia visa from Visa Express. Even the stations in Moscow are not similar to the ones you see in other parts of the world.

Visit the Kremlin Palace

The Kremlin Palace is one of the topmost attractions in the city. It lures visitors with its beauty. The Kremlin Palace was erected during the period of Nicholas I and is now home to the president of Russia. The long facade is quite remarkable and makes for some excellent photos.

If you want to have a look at the inner sanctum of the palace, then you will need to book a week in advance.

People watching in Cathedral Square

People watching is one of the fun activities to indulge in when you’re in Moscow. The area surrounding Cathedral Square is always filled with people from different parts of the world. You could quite easily spend the evenings in Moscow by watching people here.

Shopping at GUM

GUM is one of the oldest shopping centres in Russia. This shopping centre looks just like a luxury palace.

In normal times, all the famous brands of the world have their outlets in this particular shopping centre. When you’re visiting Moscow and wish to make some memories of your visit and shop for your family back home, then you definitely need to visit GUM.

Visit the state galleries

The state galleries host a wide variety of artifacts that speak about the glory of Russia apart from the museums. If you find the museums crowded during your visit, then you can take some time for the galleries and get a taste of Russian history.


Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

Take a walk in the Central Park

If you wish to spend some time with nature and also take a little break from soaking up the history of Russia and visiting famous monuments and historical structures, then you must pay a visit the well-manicured central park in Moscow. The fountains, trails and other things fill the 45 acres of land inside the park.

Go for a food tour

Apart from just visiting the places that speak of Russia’s past, to understand the path taken by the country to reach where it is today, you need to have a taste of the Russian food to fully appreciate the country.

Moscow is one of the top places within European for food lovers thanks to the wide range of bars and restaurants you can find here.

Visiting the Botanical Garden

A lot of people miss out on visiting this extraordinary Botanical Garden, one of the largest in Europe. A lot of species of plants can be found in this place and they are well maintained. The ponds are filled with water containing a wide range of marine life like waterfalls and turtles. Some of the rarest species of trees are also found in this Botanical Garden.

Visit the SKAZKA Adventure Park

This adventure Park is one of the latest technology amusement parks in Europe. If you’re looking forward to burning off some energy, then visit this amusement park. There are a lot of adrenaline-pumping rides and many attractions for children as well. The amusement park also has some of the best coffee spots and restaurants for all the family to enjoy.

Aquapark, oceanarium and Water Park

Apart from just the historical beauty, there is a lot of importance provided to the wildlife and marine life in the city of Moscow. These ocean parks are looked after well and it’s not just an entertainment venue for the kids, but also the adults. You can enjoy all of these once you have your Russian Visa.

The list of things you can do in Moscow is endless. However, do make sure you visit the places mentioned here when you’re in the city.

You could also take a bus ride to take in the beauty of the city and do a lot of exciting things. The Soviet-era war vans are also playing around the city which will give you a feel of how it was to travel back to the city in the past.

Top image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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