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Ojai by Airstream: Introducing Caravan Outpost

With all its nestled nooks and environmental endearments, Ojai has become so haute a hideaway it all but shies from its own allure. Which naturally only makes it more attractive. This reclusive retreat welcomes the spa seekers and the soul searchers and anyone longing for a lax lounge outside their normative routine. It is rustic, it is relaxing, it is a refuge that has grown enormously popular in spite of itself. Which is why a lodge option returning Ojai back to its roots was not just welcome, but reason to rejoice.

Caravan Outpost is a collection of fully furnished Airstreams (yes Airstreams) tricked out with modern amenities in a setting that is campy and communal and perhaps the quintessence of Ojai cool. A garden in a city, the setting is botanic, Bedouin, retro, and relaxed. With vinyl records and enamel plates for your glamping pleasure, there is a whimsy that hangs like a hammock between the string lights and the palms. All is assembled with an air of simplicity. It might be impossible not to feel good here.

Caravan Outpost Main Building

The caravans (eleven in total, all spaciously situated in a semi-circle) are equipped with glamping gadgetry that will amuse and immerse you in laid-back low-key luxuriating. Intended to keep you comfy, each airstream is fashioned with unique accommodations to meet your unique needs (there’s even one that’s a tiny house – it has loft areas and sleeps up to five people). Our airstream was a deluxe caravan, with heat and air conditioning, had a queen bed and a full-size pull-out bed, a full bathroom with a shower, a refrigerator, a freezer, and plenty of pots and pans and tableware should the setting inspire such. Every airstream has a name. Our airstream was named Claire.

Claire was just delightful.

Bold prints, bodacious colors, nothing taken terribly seriously, other than our good time. Not abundantly spacious, but not bad, considering her frame. I went with just my husband, but there was a family of five in our neighboring caravan. Plus some dogs. Lots of dogs. A fire pit and fans of palm, aloe above and bikes ours for the riding, the only problem with being in was that being out was just as good. It’s Ojai out there, after all.

Airstream Caravans

There’s a great general store on property. They don’t advertise it much, but as far as candles and camp gear and locally made artisanal advents go, it’s an inspired array. Jewelry and boots and a prairie dress I really wanted.

And those s’mores over the campfire. They provide the provisions; you just help yourself to a seat and a skewer and a blanket if those balmy Ojai evenings are not warming you enough. We stayed out there for hours. I’m pretty sure everyone did. It’s just that nice.

Caravan Outpost Shop

Everything’s walkable, if not bikeable. Paths, hikes, boutiquing, antiquing, wine tasting. And there’s a killer farmers market on Sunday mornings. For such a small alcove I am always awestricken by the abundance of offerings in a setting that doesn’t even seem to try. It just is.

They call it an Adventure Hotel, but to me that sounds like it’s covering up for something you’d rather not be adventuring. I think it’s glamping gone great. I think it’s the best blend of bohemian and boutique I’ve yet to find in a hotel. I think it’s a rustic refuge steeped in a sleepy city that can’t help but be longed for. The weather’s too beautiful, the culture too creative, the grounds too green. There was no leaving Ojai alone. From a souped up airstream, we don’t have to.

S’mores and chocolate

The Details

Caravan Outpost, 317 Bryant St., Ojai, CA 93023, USA.

Tel: +1(805) 836-4891


Ojai is just under a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles. Take Highway 33 to Ojai Ave. Drive through downtown and make a right on Bryant street.

Type of Hotel: Rustic Luxe Lodging / Adventure Hotel

Number of Rooms: 11 Exclusive Airstream Caravans

Price Band: Medium/High

Insider Tip: This is an awesome way to get all the Ojai bliss and not completely kill the budget. Bring shampoo and conditioner if you use. Soap is included. Do not miss the evening s’mores over the campfire. They provide the provisions; you just cop and squat and enjoy the company.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs by Jolie Loeb


  1. You had me at glamping… I’m not usually an airstream OR a camping person, but somehow this looks like a way to get the fam out into nature without, you know, roughing it? Since I think we’re staying local for spring break, this may move to the top of our “to-do” list!

    • After reading your post, I had to check it out. Took a beautiful ride to Ojai and stopped at this unique gem of a resort. The moment I walked on the grounds, I was sold. The vintage rustic boho feel of caravan outpost is almost spiritual. Met the owners, who were super cool and browsed the store.., so many awesome finds. I can’t wait to go back and buy the long sleeve shirt with Caravan Outpost across the chest. From the fire pit, and luxury lounges to the spacious accommodations hidden in the folds of the foliage. I am so excited to actually book a vacation there.

  2. The writing in this review is so compelling and beautiful! Whimsy that hangs like a hammock between string lights and palms?? I mean COME ON. Who wouldn’t want to experience this!

  3. I’ve always wanted to have my own airstream. I NEED to check this place out. Everything about it seems fabulous. Perfect getaway from LA!

  4. Airstream’s and s’mores? Really? The world is a happier place with this Caravan Outpost. thanks so much for this review, I will be trying it out!!!

  5. My brother likes new adventures with fresh surroundings. This might check every box for him….. plus that char
    ming. General Store looks just like his home in Sierra Madre. I can think of thousand reasons it may be the nicest adviceIve ever given him!

  6. This place is SOOOOO me!

    And that store! I need several of those multicolored Mexican blankets just for eye candy.

  7. I am reclusive and I am in need of a retreat. Great find, I’ll come for the doggies, but stay for the smores.

  8. Have been wanting to try an airstream vacation! I think I just found it! Thanks to the site and the reviewer!

  9. I had heard about this place before and loved your review! It is going on the “wish list” for fun destinations we can drive to. Thanks!

  10. I have been dying to stay here but wasn’t sure if it was kid-friendly! Sounds like it is. This sounds like such a great way to be outdoors but still comfy. this definitely inspires me to make a booking!!

  11. I want to go shop at that General Store ASAP!! This place sounds like a much needed escape from everyday life! Thanks for giving us a fun summer vacay idea!

  12. We can’t wait to do this on our next trip to Ojai with all the aunts and uncles and cousins! This looks better than glamping.

  13. Ok…. I’m convinced I now need (probably NEED) this glamping, Airstream, nature, spa and s’mores adventure!! Thank you so much for keeping us in the know!!!

  14. this place looks like so much fun! thank you for this fabulous and affordable recommendation. next time we get away from it all, I hope to do it there!

  15. Ill always have a special place in my heart for Ojai! And this place has the adult-me version of CAMP written all over it! Can we so this soon, please??

  16. This is a totally different way to experience and enjoy Ojai. It’s literally off the beaten path and worth a visit next time you head there. The Airstreams themselves are well-equipped and while they aren’t as luxurious as staying at the resort a couple of miles away, the casual conversations around the bonfire while making s’mores with your fellow Airstream-ers is something that can’t easily be duplicated. There was a community-oriented, relaxed feel to Caravan Outpost that we really loved. Also, it was a short walk to the restaurants and shops downtown, with easy access to walking and hiking trails. I’d recommend it highly for a glamping experience that is different than any other.

  17. Luxury camping with no-hassle s’mores and all! That’s my type of camping! I need this. I really do. Weekend getaway-from-everyone-and-everything kind of place…

  18. This looks lovely – my family loves Ojai and has been looking for alternatives to the Ojai Valley Inn. I had heard about this, can’t wait to check it out.

  19. Wait, what? Someone’s finally dialed in the love-airstream-but-don’t-want-the-hassle??!! And of course it’s in Ojai. I’m in. Going to share with my SoCal social peeps.

  20. Sounds amazing!!! Nice place to get unplugged. Thanks for another great review for a fun place to go.

  21. I cannot believe that this article made me want to stay in an airstream! But I really do! I’m thinking this sounds like the perfect weekend away for my whole family!

  22. Wow, sounds so fun! I’ve always wanted to stay in an airstream and I LOVE Ojai, so may have to check it next time we head up there. Thanks for always posting such great reviews!

  23. Welllllll now we need to go there. Nice alternative to El Capitan, where we’ve been so many times! And who doesn’t love an airstream??

  24. A general store, a campfire, and air conditioning… only a an hour away from LA… so fun! Can’t wait to meet Claire. Thank you for the find!

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