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I find LA innovation to be at its best when it invents the space we wish we were in, within circumstances we’re always in. I am still waiting on the fun flip on traffic. Until then, from the famed restaurant group FCF, LLC lead by Peter Georges, Conference Room has arrived; where lounge, libation, and live music linger collectively in lieu of mind-numbing meetings that could have been made into an email.

Wood panelling, brown banquettes, a boxy frame and a minimalist motif – this concrete corner space betrays just about everything that happens within it. The vibe is inventive, the mood is relaxed, and the audibles are authentically cutting edge. Conference Room is a collaboration of live music and lounge, where we can listen, dine, happy hour, and unwind. In a space that could come to coin the phrase board room chic.

Conference Room Short Rib

Just opened on December 14th, the scene and the set are not unintentional. Playa Vista’s burgeoning tech sect is undeniable, with an obvious thirst for a lunch hang, a meeting spot, or an after-hours lounge. Silicon Beach set the ideal stage; Conference Room came to answer the call.

The menu is an amalgam of Chef Miguel Aliaga’s cultural fancies. Italian, Mexican, and Peruvian influences play leading roles, and provisions go around the world in flavor and flatbreads. Highlights include a full cheese and charcuterie spread, yellowfin tuna salad (tuna is pan seared, is delicately dressed and accessorized with pickled red onions and crispy ones, and is so, so good), spaghetti lobster (so delicious in a light bisque base, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil punctuations), falafel crusted salmon, and espresso braised short rib.

Yellow Fin Salad

And so many flatbread options. Tough to choose, as I love good flatbread, but we went with the broccoli salsiccia.  Served pizza style – the crust was bubbly, the peppers added a welcome kick, and the size was more than sharable. All available with a cauliflower crust swap, this could easily become a staple. Next on deck, the fig jam flatbread, then the cremini mushroom. Told you I had trouble.

The dining experience is intentionally elevated, but not so much so that it’s too haughty for a selection of smothered fries. Americano, Asian or Mediterranean options all on-menu: all spectacular potato play. Same goes for the pub cheese mac, spiked with beer, peppered in breadcrumbs.

Conference Room Dish

And dessert. Oh, dessert. Lemon Berry Bundt Cake, Molten Chocolate Brownie, or oh yes, the Sundae Funday for Two. Bruleed marshmallows here you come.

Defiance of the defined conference room as we have previously known it is a large part of the party – the motif is meaningful and meant to be capitalized upon. International coffees will buzz up the morning meeting, happy hour will turn rookies into regulars, and the blend of entertainment and a Chef driven menu will not just fill a much-needed niche, but likely make one explode. Smooth jazz Thursdays, acoustics on Fridays. A little club, a little pub, all with a side of really excellent grub. Finally, a Conference Room worthy of conversation.

The Details

Conference Room, 12181 Bluff Creek Dr. Suite A1, Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA 90094, USA.

Tel: +1(310) 862-6436


From S. Centinela, turn onto Bluff Creek, pass Wayne’s Way and Bluff Creek and turn into the driveway towards the large parking structure. Easy parking in adjacent lot – parking validated. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 9:00pm; Saturday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm and Sunday from 5:00pm to 10:0pm.

Type of Restaurant: Restaurant & Bar with Live Entertainment

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: Great little bar, if you’re looking for one. No bells or whistles, just an easy place to grab a drink after work. So far, the beverage program is beer and wine only. I would not be surprised if cocktails enter the picture soon.

Reviewer’s Rating: 7/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Conference Room and by Jolie Loeb


    • Looks delicious. Next time in in the neighborhood I’ll check it out. In the meantime, I’ll tell my friends who are local to there.

  1. I’m still waiting for the fun flip on traffic too! Great review, very innovative concept. On the list to try!

  2. To far for us to enjoy what looks like a wonderful restaurant. Sent to some friends who live in PV…..they are definitely going to try it.

  3. I thought, Oh, I never get to Playa, so this one won’t be for me. Until I saw your photos and read the sumptuous descriptions of the food… Now I have to toddle over there!

  4. It looks so good that I have to trek to the west side. Thanks for another great review. Pix and descriptions were wonderful as usual !!

  5. Oh…this looks super cool. And PV is a stone’s throw away, which means I can set up my own “meeting.” Thanks for the heads up! As much as I’m in PV, I hadn’t heard about this.

  6. What a unique concept! I love defying the traditional conference room. Although I will admit that many moons ago when I worked in TV, we ate CONSTANTLY in the conference rooms while working, but I am sure this place has much better food!

  7. “I find LA innovation to be at its best when it invents the space we wish we were in, within circumstances we’re always in.”
    THIS is the best way to express the unspoken, but deeply visceral need we have, more and more, for spaces that provide the most essential sense of care, warmth, and quiet joy. The fact that the people who conceived of and designed this place were able to create something multi-sensory, yet entirely NOT overwhelming, is a city-born miracle. I love everything you wrote about Conference Room! I can’t wait to experience it.

  8. An amazing recommendation! I now have a place where I can feel like a James Bond Villain, anddd eat some tasty foods.

  9. So, having eaten in many office buildings around the country, I would actually give the food here closer to an 8 or 8.5. I actually really enjoyed everything we ordered and was pleasantly surprised a few times. The “flatbreads” were fairly full-sized pizzas and the fresno chiles that came with the broccoli were the perfect addition of heat. I went heavy for my entree and got the gnocchi tartufo, which included a lot of shaved truffle and a great, gooey fondue. The wine list was accessible and not terribly expensive and the vibe was a good balance of relaxed and upscale. Overall, I was happily surprised by my experience here and I think it’s worth stopping by, especially for people in the neighborhood.

  10. Pan seared tuna! YES! YES! YES! I LOVED the place as well it’s COMFORTABLE and RELAXING! Great to escape traffic and unwind ☺️

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