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Refined dining that reflects the multicultural mecca of our city, procuring and producing a menu to match; it is a feat of culinary creativity and excellence. Mix in a mega talented team, a Chef with a multitude of Michelin’s under his belt, a sommelier with a French Laundry and Restaurant at Meadowood repertoire, and a desire to make their collective mark in a village ripe for resuscitation. Fellow has found its rightful home, in Westwood.

This place. For starters, it is connected to an art gallery, we’ll circle back on that. Secondly, the accolades that laude Executive Chef Chris Flint are a little too impressive to swallow, if only they didn’t taste so phantasmagorical. The man seems to collect stars (Michelin, New York Times) like there is no other option but to do so. With an Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad, and Maude repertoire, his prodigious pedigree is primed for this arrival. By the time that I arrived to review Fellow, it had already received its own Michelin recognition, featured as one of the top ten up and coming California restaurants in 2021. Like I said. Like there is no other way.

Interior of Fellow
Interior of Fellow – Photo credit: Ryan Tanaka

I first experienced the magic of Sommelier Scott Lester in Napa Valley, when he poured at The Restaurant at Meadowood, an experience I anticipated only once in a lifetime. So to see him again in Westwood, following his terms at The French Laundry and Eleven Madison Park? It was a bit of a moment. This man wins awards for his wine programs. Reason to fan geek out.

Inside Fellow, it’s a whole synthesis of gorgeous. In the old Mustache Café space, and the Jurgensen’s Market before that (think prehistoric Erewhon), a half dome ceiling, century old brick, modern installations beneath deco lighting (love the Stevie Wonder), back to back olive and sapphire booths, and a wall’s worth of green apple banquettes. The scene, the art, the inspiration and the fun, is all very much at play.

Fellow Short Rib
Short Rib

Nicole was our waitress. She was fun and fabulous and knew answers to questions we didn’t have to ask.

Onto the main event. If a picture says a thousand words, then what do you say about a meal that echoes art in every sense, to every sense? How many words is that? The aesthetic elevations rise to a level met only by the locally sourced everything, the sustainable everything else. How the lobster, leeks, turnip and vanilla sing, the ricotta gnudi with the summer squash, and tomatoes, the Hamachi crudo that can make you cry. It all tells a visual tale of Chef Flint’s European explorations. Take a deep stare into the roasted carrots with mushrooms atop forbidden rice and miso puree, you might just see the stained glass of European cathedrals. They say art imitates life. Enjoy, imbibe, and enrapture, my friends. Nothing here is imitation. Some of those bites were downright biblical.

Fellow Poached Lobster
Poached Lobster

And the wine. Over two thousand selections, all masterfully selected, paired, and meticulously masterminded. Ambitious doesn’t even begin. Oenophiles, wine nerds, or aspirers of either, welcome home.

Little plates make sharing and sampling a symphony. Bring your friends who are not shy about humming along.

Fellow Tortellini

The caliber of collaboration is once again, an eminence of excellence, where the visual and culinary arts intermingle magnificently. With the restaurant connected to Path Galleries, the resultant artists hub, whether your palate is the plate or the canvas, is nothing accidental. Nor is the nod to creativity and savour with every turn. You will feast with your eyes, your tongue, your taste. Fellow is yet another Philip Camino fine dining firework.

The Details

Fellow, 1071 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States.

Tel: +1(310) 208-1071

Website: www.fellow.la

Email: info@fellow.la

Located in Westwood Village via Wilshire Boulevard. Both valet and street parking is available, plus there is a parking lot just one block from the restaurant. Fellow is open for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

Type of Restaurant: Modern American Fine Dining

Price Band: High

Insider Tip: The restaurant is connected to an art gallery – it’s the only way to enter the space. The gallery is intended to be part of the full experience, allot time.

This is a high-end, get dressed, special occasion restaurant. It will feel that way start to finish.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Fellow


  1. Well now I must go. Thank you for such a brilliant description– I feel like I was already there! Of course with out actually eating which I will have to rectify.

  2. You had me at sommelier, but then that picture of the poached lobster put me over the top!! Can’t wait to go for the very next special occasion…

  3. This looks fabulous. Love that it’s connected to an art gallery and that it’s all part of the experience.
    And I love that it’s not downtown and so far away for me (with traffic of course). The photos look like art.
    Can’t wait to try this place out!

  4. Your photos and descriptions are wonderfully enticing. You had me at art gallery! Definitely a special occasion stunner

  5. I have been to Fellow a few times. It is really awesome addition to Westwood. Different from the other restaurants in the neighborhood – much more of an experience with a real thoughtful staff, great music, and an attached art gallery. It is a great spot. Thx OMOTG.

  6. Beautiful and delicious! The perfect combo! I hope I get the opportunity to try it sometime soon. Great review!

  7. How nice to know about such a special place right near us in Westwood – WOW! Thanks for another mouth-watering review!

  8. It made me hungry, not just for food but for an experience. I do love to eat, and every now and then I want to dine. With a little luck, perhaps one day I’ll have the good fortune of experiencing Fellow.

  9. Hmm? This really defines special. The presentation seems all encompassing. I can’t compare it other sushi experiences. I want to try it!

  10. Sounds wonderful by your description and food looks fabulous. Will have to try it for a very special occasion. Thank you Jolie once again.

  11. Forwarded info re Fellow to my son-in-law
    who is responsible for scoping out the top restaurant in any city for his boss, a real foodie.

  12. Art + Food…YES! This place looks amazing. I think I’d have to dust off my fancy shoes for this one! 🙂 Love it and will pass on to Westside friends. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Wow this place truly seems like an experience! Loved the photos as well as the magically written review. Definitely seems like a perfect date night location!

  14. Wow. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous food. What an impressive resume for the sommelier as well. A night at a gallery + such an amazing meal sounds so good right now!

  15. I’m not sure why, but I love that this restaurant is in Westwood. I guess because it’s the sign of a confident chef who doesn’t need the illustriousness of others to define him. On the list!!

  16. Right in my neighborhood what a nice find. Great location and good food, I tried it after reading the article. Desert was amazing too.

  17. Fellow is a special place. The location has always been a great one in Westwood — even while it was Moustache Cafe. Right in the village, but just outside the crazy of Westwood Blvd. and Gayley. The team at Fellow has put together a phenomenal menu and – more importantly – a great balance of approachable, but fine dining. Everything we tasted was exquisitely prepared — all of the flavors, colors, shapes, and textures thoughtfully constructed. Everything felt made for us and while the plates weren’t large, it meant that we could taste more variety. For the locals, they can finally roll down the Holmby Hills into a high-end restaurant that has the food, wine, drink (the Miami Vice Milk Punch was really amazing and not what I expected) and character to satisfy almost anyone. Definitely a must try!

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