Mohawk Bend

I’m a big subscriber when it comes to preservation. But for every rule, there is a worthwhile if not delicious exception. Like taking something precious and making it a place we can all have a pizza. These transitions, they bring me joy. Mohawk Bend is Echo Park’s paradoxical parlour for such – where a vaudeville theatre has turned elevated pub and opened its doors wide enough to welcome vegans as well as their carnivorous companions.

That’s right. Both.

The Spacecraft constructed space is casual and the kind of hip that doesn’t have to try. The bar is a major draw, with 76 taps of California Crafts, ample vintages, and specialty spirits, with laptop warriors and daily denizens filling the generous seating. Tufted stools. An open kitchen. A couple of different rooms and one of those soaring ceilings I’m always a sucker for. Exposed brick with contrasting greens, and a stunner of a fireplace holding center court. The vibe is ultra-casual and easily encourages regulars. The beverage program, heralding local small-scale producers, combined with the altogether ease of the place, naturally generate it.

LA IPA Fest at Mohawk Bend

And to continue the new-fashioned effort, most menu items are vegan by default. Serving brunch through late night munchies, it’s the place that’s serving when you’re hungry and that hasn’t gone to sleep before you have.

With Executive Chef Caroline Concha at the helm, I like how much fun they have with the vegan meets pub puzzle. Take the Big Mohawk. Two Impossible Burger patties, shredded lettuce, special sauce, vegan American cheese, pickles, onions, sesame seed bun. Straight up. You can even order it with a side of chili cheese fries. Legit pub fare with a new-fangled spin.

The pizzas are a great time too. They built their own oven for it, so the commitment is clearly there. The Angry Vegan with its triple threat of Calabrian chilis, fresh serrano chilis, and chili oil, and the Bahn Mi, complete with sriracha crema, jalapenos, serranos, and a daikon mix, both had me intrigued. At our table we went with burgers and bowls and everyone left happy.

Restaurant Interior

Shout out to Randall’s Brussel Sprouts. Where a flash fry of Sriracha and a splash of citrus and agave give those little cabbages a tang of something special. The toasted almonds are a nice touch too.

Rookie mistake, we ate too much to get to dessert. And they have a cast iron chocolate chip cookie. À la mode. Won’t let that happen again.

Brick-laden and bound in retro cool, Mohawk Bend manages that elusive medium between laid back and leaving the door wide open for the less low maintenance, gastronomically speaking. It easily caters to those whose dietary wants are anything but easy, and makes neither purveyor seem secondary, no matter what side of the carnivorous coin they favour. This edible egalitarianism, this flexibility uptick, is ever so timely. And fortunately for us, tastes terrific.

Mohawk Bend Terrace

The Details

Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA.

Tel: +1(213) 483-2337



You’ll find Mohawk Bend on Sunset Boulevard, just up the block from Alvardo in Echo Park, where the street bends, at Mohawk. The restaurant is open Monday to Thursday from 11:30am to 11:30pm; Friday from 11:30am to 1:00am; Saturday from 10:00am to 1:00am and Sunday from 10:0am to 11:30pm.

Type of Restaurant: Gastro Pub with elevated pub cuisine

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: Suitable for families, happy hour, locals, casual dinners, vegans and non-vegans.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Mohawk Bend


  1. As a clean eating advocate, I’m excited to try this place! A huge thank you to Jolie for always hitting the new hot spots so I can sound way more cool than I am!

  2. Amazing how many great spots there are in Echo Park! Thanks for turning us into this one! The food sounds delicious and I love that there’s something for everyone! Must check this spot out!

  3. Great review! It’s nice to have options since my daughter is vegetarian and I’m not….and we will definitely leave room for dessert!

  4. Sounds kinda like a place I’d like to camp out in for a day, just to experience everything! Thanks for a gorgeous review!🌼

  5. Thank you for reminding me I haven’t been here in ages – I’ve got to go back! It’s got one of my favorite kids meals in town, and I can’t go without getting the Buffalo Cauliflower. It’s to die for.

  6. Sounds like another great find of yours and close enough to me to frequent. Love all the options because some of my friends are vegetarians but not me! Menu looks great!

  7. I used to go here often – great food! I could throw a dart at the menu and be happy for whatever comes my way. What a gem!

  8. Perfect decor….shows excellent creative instinct as well as inviting charm. What I really mean is that it clearly welcomes you while owning it’s own signature. It’s out of my local stomping ground without being too distant or too crazy costly. I’ll make a point of arranging a group to try it with me.

  9. Omg!! The interiors! What a beautiful place to eat! I’ll eat a good Bahn Mi anytime. Will definitely check this out!

  10. I LOVVEEE this place the PIZZA is AMAZING!!
    The atmosphere is so nice and I love the fireplace! This place is very creative. Let’s not forget the YUMMY VEGAN options!

  11. Perfect neighborhood spot for any night drinks and food. They have a pretty diverse menu for all eaters: veggie, vegan, and everything. The cocktails are just interesting enough to be tempted to try all of them and the draft beer list is long and has some labels I’ve never seen! Really loved the buffalo cauliflower and impossible burger. Next time, I’m trying one of the pizzas. Awesome for locals, but worth a trip if you’re anywhere near the neighborhood. The service was quick and very accommodating too!

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