Le Petit Marché

My favorite restaurants are the ones that make my senses compete.  Will the waft of French baguettes win over my want for that candle?  Will I stock up on Italian cheese and Beaujolais, or take a sun speckled seat with a steaming cup of Verve?  The best choices are the ones we don’t have to make. Delightfully at Le Petit Marché, the new culinary linchpin at the intersect of El Centro and Melrose, the answer to all of the above gets to be yes.

A carefully curated collaboration over two years in the making, this corner café unites culture and community, croque madames and cocktails for forty-five, or so it seems at that gorgeous wrap around bar.  Anchoring Larchmont Boulevard, the whole place is an invitation.  The kind that blurs breakfast into to brunch, brunch into lunch, lunch into sunset beverages.  French in feel and provision, it is a welcome add to a neighborhood known for its trendsetting ways and one block shopping.

Le Petit Marché California Bowl

Expect French overtones with multiple international influences.  Chef Stephane Liot is the kind that can’t help himself.  His native French roots have clear claim over his culinary heart, while global influences vie for his imaginative spin. In the end, we win.

I tried the California Bowl.  Quinoa, roasted banana squash, roasted carrots, roasted peppers, basil lemon dressing.  This thing was lunch perfection.  Locally grown produce.  Kale picked the day before.  There is a difference.

Le Petit Marché Bar

To drink I had a Refresher.  Cucumber, lime, mint, and bubbles (available with or without).  Crisp and complementary to any meal I’d imagine.

Back to that bar.  Master mixologist Chris Kramer holds court.  Gone are the cloying, syrupy concoctions masquerading as refreshing. Here honey, agave, and almond replace any refined sugars.  His infusions are altogether inspired.  His advents, advertent or not, Instagram magnets.

Le Petit Marché Interior

As is the bar itself.  Locals with their laptops have already laid claim, and it is made clear they are welcome to linger all day.  Moms with their accompanying strollers have copped a squat in the corner.  And the multiple patios make it all feel a little Rue de Larchmont like.

And so Le Petite Marché melds in where it appears to have always belonged.  It is a restaurant, a café, a marketplace, and a bar.  It is a bakery, a grocery, a butcher, and a mini-mercantile retailer.  We can come for the smoked fish.  We can pick up a fancy vintage (selections from Lou Wine Shop).  We can select bread (Michelina) and pastries (La Chouquette), olive oils and spices (Monsieur Marcel) like we’re sauntering Seine side.  Alas, we are here in the heart of Hollywood.  And they are happy to have us hang as long as we so please.

Le Petit Marché Baked Goods

Chef Stephane Liot hits that magical balance between knowing French cuisine and knowing his audience here at Le Petit Marché.  The moules-frites may be on point, but so are the vegan alternatives.  This artisanal showcase could not be better suited for its corner.  We look forward to pulling up a barstool and enjoying it for a good long while.

The Details

Le Petit Marché, 5665 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA.

Tel: +1(323) 380-6557

Website: http://lepetitmarche.com/

Email: contact@lepetitmarche.com

Take when parking and watch those signs and those meters.  $8 Valet Parking is available on El Centro. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 7:00am to midnight.

Type of Restaurant: Restaurant, Gourmet Market & Bar

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: Reservations accepted and walk-ins welcome.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

Photographs by Jolie Loeb


  1. I went here a week ago for lunch, and it was fantastic! And now that you’ve brought it up today, seems like a stop en route home from work tonight is warranted.

  2. What a temptation! Only the certainty of something special and unforgettable can persuade one — these days — to cross the 405 (and then some). Jolie Loeb’s delicious literary depiction of Le Petut Marche makes it sound so incredibly inviting, fun, Parisian-and-more, that it just might be worth the trek— even during rush hour.

  3. Can’t wait to check it out! Always love trying new places in Larchmont. Thanks for the great review and photos. Looks delicious!

  4. Food looks gorgeous! And the review had a brilliant way of converting that ‘sense competition’ thing. Wow! Would love to go there…

  5. I’ve been watching them build this for a couple of years and wondering if it would be worth it. You’ve answered my question, and I can’t wait to try it. And stock up. And come back!

  6. You had me at El Centro and Melrose!! There is nothing like convenience now that the burger place is gone! I will definitely check this out for early dinner, post school pick up! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So excited to try this spot. Delicious eats, intimate setting, and it’s on my route to school! I’ll be stopping in soon.

  8. On my way home from work I drove by that place and noticed it for the first time – it must’ve just opened? I can’t wait to go. And now after reading your review I REALLY can’t wait to go.

  9. I’ve told my friends all about this place! Now I have your excellent review to back me up… they never believe me. 🙂

  10. My mouth is watering as I am reading your eloquent description of this beautiful cafe. I’m going to be in that area next week and I will definitely make reservation. Thank you.. I’m always looking for a new spot that is an immersive experience for the palatte.

  11. Drove past it the other day and mentioned I wanted to try it. You’ve made it sound even better than I thought possible. Can’t wait to go!

  12. Looks fantastic! We always love marketplace/restaurants. They seem create a “feel” to me that makes the world slow down a bit so that we can enjoy great food, drink, and environment. I can’t wait to check it out.

  13. This seems like if True Food Kitchen had a smart hipster cousin! Love it! And from what I remember of Larchmont (it’s been a year), Le Petit Marché seems like a really WELCOME addition!

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