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Beloved readers. Springtime is here, and she is tempting us in every esculent, effusive way. It is the flirtiest of the seasons; fragrant and phenomenally unabashed. An ideal time to re-enter restaurants and lavish over lemon ricotta pancakes or a tomato and feta soft scramble. Theía on West Third is open. And a wonderful place to begin again.

For starters, the return of brunch. If I could hug a meal, I would hug brunch. The buzz of conversations escalating over caffeine. The smell of smoked syrup mixed with salted potatoes, the convivial clamour and clank of filled forks and steamy coffee mugs; it is a poetry and a song.

Theía Grain Bowl
Theía Grain Bowl – Photo by Jolie Loeb

Theia elevates the experience in flavor and a bit of fantasy. Echoing its Grecian ethos, designed to entice, entrees are exotic and emblematic of origin.

The Pita Benedict arrives with poached egg, choice of lamb sausage or smoked whitefish, and tomato. Gabi went whitefish and a little crazy over this one. The tomato and feta soft scrambled, served on multigrain toast, luscious and textural. And the Theía Grain Bowl. How much I’d missed a grain bowl done right (I’ve tried. Mine just aren’t). Quinoa, wheat berries, avocado, tomato, marinated broccolini, feta, and a poached egg? There it is. That’s how it’s done.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – Photo by Jolie Loeb

For those who lean into lunch when it comes to brunch, there’s a Theía Burger, (a lamb and beef mix topped with tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, and onion), some spanakopita served with eggs, and of course, a Greek Salad.

And the cocktail program. This is why brunch runs till 4pm here. A Bathtub Gin of Mulholland cucumber gin, fresh lemon and lemongrass, Fever Tree tonic, endive, cherry tomato, and mint. Practically a salad unto itself. Except not at all. Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas, and a Brunch O’clock, featuring Tanqueray gin, Amaro Montenegro, fresh grapefruit juice, and wheat beer.  Cheers.

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary – Photo credit: Ryan Tanaka

Until we can make it to Mykonos, the flavors of Greece can be relished over on West Third. The stonework and the vintage doors. Fresh florals on every table in pops of pink and electric lime. The dangling bulbs and the diving greenery. In plating, in pottery, and in palatability, doing brunch at Theía is an international trip of savoury and succulent delicacy. How good it is to be back.

The Details

Theía, 8048 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90048, United States.

Tel: +1(323) 591-0059



Parking on Third is tricky, so mind the signs and check out surrounding streets. Theía is open for dinner Monday to Thursday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm; Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to midnight and Sunday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Brunch is served on Saturdays from 10:30am to 4:00pm.

Type of Restaurant: Contemporary Greek Restaurant Lounge

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: If boozy brunches are your thing, you will be very happy here. Mezcal in the Bloody Mary is the way to go.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Theía and by Jolie Loeb


  1. Sounds good, but is the grain bowl with marinated veggies and the mezcal bloody Mary too healthy a brunch?

  2. I really really want to go eat there. The brunch menu sounds so good and I bet dinner is delicious too. Mouth is watering…

  3. I am beyond excited to get to go out to brunch once again!! This place sounds absolutely delicious and I will now be craving that grain bowl…mmmm…

  4. I never imagined I’d be so happy to face the tricky parking on third. But there’s a brunch there and I’ve missed brunch so with one tank full of gas and the other patience, I’m heading over.

  5. Who doesn’t love a good brunch? The Pita Benedict sounds delicious! We’ll definitely check it out.

  6. The location is a perfect new meeting spot coming from the valley. The menu is as. close to
    Cyanosis as I’m getting in near future……seems like it’s awaiting our visit. So wonderful being once again looking forward to meeting friends. And and family a beautiful meal together 😃😌😀

  7. No more trips all the way to Malibu for some delicious Greek fare! Thanks for the yummy info!

  8. This may be my dreams fulfilled! A brand new meeting place …perfect from the valley and definitely a vison of Mykonos that’s within our reach. It’s charm and menu are both inviting plus parking may be available. So nice to be back looking forward to sharing a beautiful meal with family and friends!

  9. I agree with Jolie that brunch is the best! And also Greek food is the best. Theia sounds amazing. I’ll look forward to a visit.

  10. Oh — it was good to see my good friend Saturday Brunch again. We all still have a little way to go to get back to “normal” for certain; but, somehow sitting on the patio on West Third Street felt right. The coffee was good; nothing spectacular, but it didn’t need to be. I started with a mezcal bloody mary, which was great. Never really thought about caper berries and feta in a bloody mary, but it worked. It really did. The smoked whitefish benedict was, as Jolie said, delicious. And while lemon ricotta pancakes are pretty ubiquitous, when they are done right, you remember why they are ubiquitous. Light and fluffy with smoked maple syrup. Whatever else you get, get those too. I can’t wait to go back!

    • YUM!!! I can’t wait to check it out. I’ve been to many of the restaurants you’ve reviewed and have loved them all. Thank you!!

  11. You and the restaurant are oozing with excitement. Both are so refreshing. Can’t wait to try the bloody mary with mezcal. Just introduced myself to mezcal and it’s delicious. Can’t wait to get out of the house for this place.

  12. Mezcal with a bloody mary – sounds terrific. Mezcal is my “covid keep”. Seems like you and the restaurant are oozing with excitement. Such a welcome change. Can’t wait to go.

  13. You know this is the next place I dine out!
    Jolie, thank you for yet another beautifully scribed restaurant review.


    I laughed aloud at this. And I could actually picture hugging anything that has lemon-ricotta-smoked-syrup near its description.

    Love this. Will go…and mind the parking! Thanks for the delicious tip!

  15. Ever since BLD closed down, I have been searching for Ricotta pancakes that could match theirs. Sounds like you found it for me….

  16. Oh, the joy of Someone Else, someone creative, who loves color and funky flavor combos, making food for ME!!! Perhaps one of the saddest parts of VOVID times–not having that. This brunch looks dreamy.

  17. Brunch ….. I have missed it so much. Sign me up for a grain bowl and cocktail this Sunday please.

  18. You are speaking my language! Brunch? Yes, please.
    Lamb? Yes, please. And, yes, a grain bowl is never the same when you make it yourself…. Can’t wait to check this one out.

  19. Oh I love a good brunch! Everything you mentioned makes me want to go there this weekend! Thanks! Xx

  20. I’m finally ready to eat out again, and there you are, waiting with the perfect place to tempt me. I can pretend to be healthy after my year of eating dangerously, but still indulge… Heaven!

  21. Sounds divine and I could really use a good brunch right about now! Thanks as always to Jolie for the great review.

  22. Your descriptions and the location make me want to go right now!!! Thanks once again for a tantalizing review!

  23. Wow, everything sounds so wonderful. Need to go with a bunch of people so we an share everything. Just love your reviews!!!

  24. If I could “hug a meal,” it would be brunch for me too! Time to get out of the bubble and check this place out! Thanks, Jolie! SO happy to have your reviews back!

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