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In an unrivalled legacy of upscale destining, serenity and restoration have long defined the most lavish land in St. Helena, at Meadowood Spa.  A Silverado Trail secret never meant to be kept, its grace and grandeur have established this once country club into a Napa Valley vanguard of refinement and recuperation.

The forest footed cottages already echoed in a whisper exclusive to that which left you speechless. The grounds already gave pause to any onlookers next breath.  And The Restaurant, year after year, quietly keeps its 3 Michelin stars.  All that was left in establishing this archetypal hinterland where want meets wellness, was the spa.

And so it has become.

Meadowood Spa at Dusk

Upholding the Meadowood heritage of perfecting paradoxical tranquillity and elation, The Spa at Meadowood, has come to house this rare and regal ritual of hospitality.

It rises from the woodlands in warm clays and canvases, echoing the ethereal surrounds, a presence so organically on-point it could almost be missed.  This earthen palate and sunlit warmth, mellifluously blurring the outside and in, almost indistinguishably so, is not by chance. It is but one more way Meadowood radiates the land it so reverently regales.

Meadowood Spa Products

Inhale that eucalyptus in the steam room deeply, as your breath, once guided to your private room with a view, will promptly be taken from you.

Surrounding his and hers relaxation gardens are eight private suites.  Each one, an elevated extension of the outside, perched above the dewy mist, seemingly one with the trees.  Anticipate an all sensory swoon, unveiling a sanctuary of solitude, resonant in remarkably understated rustic lux furnishings.  They do it so well.  Here, within this apogee of aggregated excellence, all angled towards balance restoration, your wellness journey will commence.

Single Suite Treatment Area

This approach is not just akin to Meadowood mind set, but individuating in its rarity. When recuperation begins with a seated consultation with your Spa Therapist – a path to personally curate your wellness plan – you are embarking upon a journey, not just a spa appointment.  Sipping signature tea to begin (of your choice), a post-treatment elixir to end (also, of your choice), demarcates this experience as a distinct departure from even the most remarkable standard bearers before it.  Establishing yet another Meadowood branch, leading and luminary, in lifestyle recalibration.

Treatments range from the 90-minute Essential Journey, to the 5½ hour Meadowood Curated Collection.  The focus of each prescribed, the rest, a result of what you and your spa therapist determine together.

Spa Couples Suite

A spa culinary menu unifies the surrounding elements and treatment options – expect seasonal shifts and edible garden grown delights, complements of Chef Victoria Acosta.  Vine, earth, air, and field selections define the light fare in a gastronomic glow true to its luminous legacy.  The elixirs establish new flavour frontiers featuring cayenne, turmeric, and coriander.  Unexpected.  And fun.

There’s a duo of boutiques: Spa and Estate, both stocked with painfully beautiful goods; candles to cashmeres to cosmetic bests, an alchemy of curated indulgences, many indigenous to Meadowood gardens.  They bookend the completion of what was well worth waiting two years to produce.

Meadowood Spa Reception

In an age where the second dimension demands so much of our focus, and unwinding is akin to upheaving a seemingly cemented routine, there is something downright religious about a space where neither have a place.  They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  The new Meadowood Spa may be the exception, as it is incomparable in its embodiment of both.

The Details

Meadowood Spa at Meadowood Napa Valley, 900 Meadowood Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574, USA

Tel: +1(707) 967-1275


St. Helena is located in the heart of Napa Valley, bordered by vineyards and is a center for grape growers and winemakers. The resort is 80 miles from regional airports but if you are driving complimentary parking is available at the resort and there is a complimentary car service for guests to downtown St. Helena and Yountville based on availability.

Type of Spa: All Suite Spa in a 5-Star Resort

Opening Times: Daily from 7:30am to 8:00pm. There are 8 sprawling private spa suites plus two relaxation gardens. Relaxation gardens include sitting areas, steams, saunas, and mineral soaking pools, and are open for use pre or post treatment. The option to dine from the spa culinary menu, also available here.

Insider Tip: Plan on being here all day – the relaxation gardens are primed for it, and meals are meant to be eaten there. Request Tamara if available – an artist at the top of her craft.

Price Band: Expensive

Reviewer’s Rating: 10/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Meadowood Napa Valley a member of Relais & Château

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