The Getaway, Carmel

There are no billboards in Carmel.  There are no streetlights.  And if you pay close attention, you’ll notice there are only odd numbered addresses.  If you really want to define what makes a destination so iconic in its enchantments, so unassumingly quaint, you can begin by dissecting it, beckon by beckon.  A cobblestone street here.  A beachside bakery there.  Or, you can just getaway for the smorgasbord of solace it provides.  The Getaway, Carmel, CA, has provided us one more magical means of doing either one.

The sweet mystique of Carmel-by-the-Sea has proven itself timeless and untouchable.  The oft frilly lodgings are adored by many, less than preferable to many more.  In the spirit of The Hideway before it, the Plumpjack team has opened doors to the much-anticipated Getaway, where sleek interiors bring a modernized finish to a town that can surely embrace it.

The Getaway exterior and patio

Playful, fresh, and updated, the white brick walls and the Gilchrist & Soames amenities announce this is not your grandma’s Carmel (though she might have enjoyed the plush Denver Mattress Company bed as much as you will).  Sliding barn door divisions, built-in fireplaces and geometric bathroom tiles accented by sparkling Waterworks hardware complete a look that is contemporary, classic, and a refreshing spin on this celebrated seaside enclave.  One that has managed the impossible balance of revitalizing its presence while keeping its essence entirely in-tact.

Centrically located, the beach, the bakeries, the boutique shopping, all steps out the Getaway door.  The charm of Carmel-by-the-Sea sells itself, any additional upgrades brought to this Xanadu only enhance its delight.  Like when some really good pasta place opens in Tuscany.

The Getaway King Room

We travelled with the kids, and if you do, I recommend the first floor king with sitting area.  The separate room with the pull out sofa makes it so no one is stumbling over one another – a sure fire way to take the wind out of any vacation sail.  Two bathrooms, two fireplaces.  Space is a commodity in this quaint commune by the beach.  If you can find room to spread out, you have found something.  And if you find said room with a leather club chair and down bedding, you tell your friends.

Breakfast, sparkly afternoon beverages, and bites by the fire, all included (those bubbles and bites are quite the perk).  A trio of treats always available (gummies, gumballs, and lolly pops).  Plus, that silky swath of sand beneath those Cypress trees, those bakeries and breakfast nooks that look like they were plucked from a storybook, and a quiet kinship between nature and her inhabitants…the Getaway may have come and gilded the grounds, and it’s done a dynamite job.  But Carmel, you were pretty glorious to begin with.

The Getaway Room 19

The Details

The Getaway, Junipero Street & Ocean Avenue Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, 93923, USA.

Tel: +1(831) 624-3864



The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea just moments away from Carmel Plaza and Devondorf Park and Carmel’s white sandy beaches. If driving, take PCH (Pacific Coast Hightway) to Ocean, and it’s at the corner of Ocean and Junipero. Parking is complimentary.

Type of Hotel: Boutique Hotel

Number of Rooms: 24 rooms including complimentary Wi-Fi

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: Lower rooms can absorb the noise of rooms above. Bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs Courtesy of The Getaway, a Plumpjack Property


  1. Looks lovely! So many sweet properties are popping up or reinventing themselves up there. It’s always special seeing how each one still pays homage to the timeless town.

  2. Seems quaint and cozy! I’ve never been to Carmel, may have to!
    Thanks for your honest a descriptive reviews.

  3. I love Carmel! And never know which of the gajillion quaint little spots and B/Bs to seek out. Thanks for filling in the blank! 🙂 Love it.

  4. I have not been to Carmel but your review encourages to plan a long weekend up there very soon. Thanks for the vivid descriptions.

  5. Sounds lovely. It’s amazing how those tiny bubbles of attention to detail can make the difference between “nice” and “wonder-full”. As always, the writing is inviting, sensory-laden, and in-tact 😊.

  6. I love Carmel, and have kind of steered clear since having kids, since I think of it as B&Bs and high end places that don’t welcome kids. This seems like the perfect place to snap our Carmel dryspell, with kids! Thank you for finding it!

  7. Spells PERFECTION loud and clear in my book! New fresh and uplifting. A perfect antidote to our very difficult circumstances. Something wonderful to look forward to…isn’t that how we all roll?

  8. I really think that The Getaway captured perfectly a modernized version of the Carmel charm we’ve always known and loved. Our trips to Carmel always feel like time slows a bit and The Getaway was the perfect home base for us to enjoy the food, shopping, and scenery of this beautiful town. November is also a perfect time to visit – cool, but sunny – and with stunning views all the way down the rugged coastline. Definitely worth the drive up (or down)!

  9. The beautiful description of the inside and outside of this location is so well written that it already draws me to go there, stay there, and enjoy. Describing the location on the beach, mentioning nearby locations of boutique shops, restaurants, etc. makes my interest to go there and enjoy it even stronger.

  10. Just back from Carmel… the review succinctly nails some of its delights. Stayed at a different hotel but I find the comments about the Getaway suggest an attractive alternative for next time.

  11. This place is going on my “to go” list! Sounds so charming and a nice change from the bigger hotels. Carmel would make a great weekend trip for us!

  12. Carmel is one of my favorite local getaways. Will definitley put this place on the list! I love that is still has the quaint feel of many of the Carmel lodgings, but more updated. Looks lovely! Thanks for the great writeup.

  13. We love Carmel! This place is going on our list. Looks beautiful and I appreciate your advice on rooms when traveling with kids!

  14. This informative AND entertaining article about The Getaway was a treat to read and WILL BE the reason I book this hotel when we next go to Carmel. Thank you for the pictures, for the detailed description and for this fabulous recommendation!

  15. Sounds so wonderful. Thank you for yet another fabulous review that describes everything with such beautiful (and entertaining!) details. This place is definitely going on my list.

  16. This review came to me at the perfect time! Was JUST looking at places to stay in Carmel in spring with the family! My daughter is in 4th grade and we want to visit the mission in Carmel for her mission report. Yay! Going to try to book a room here! Exactly what we were looking for! Thank you!

  17. Can’t wait to check this place out. I am hoping it lives up to this wonderfully detailed description! Sounds dreamy.

  18. I was sold at “no billboards.” What a great retreat from the busy hustle of LA! It has been way too long since I have seent time in Carmel, and this looks beautiful!

  19. Carmel is a hidden gem! Finding the right place to stay can be tricky. Thanks for the find. The location with a confirmed comfy bed seals the deal for me. 🙂

  20. I’ve been to Carmel many times and have always wondered about this particular location. I wonder no more! Thanks for the great review! I’m all in!

  21. Carmel is such a legendary city of simple luxury and classy
    Elegance. The decor and ambient feeling of The Getaway begs
    for a visit in the near future.

  22. I need to get away and this is the prefect place to drive up the coast arrive take in the beautiful breathtaking sights, spend a few days or even a week. It been a few years since I’ve driven that route. Will check it out next time I drive that way and remember Play Misty for me.

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