Azaline Vermouth Spring Cocktails

With the weather forecasters promising more Spring-like weather next week, we thought we’d take a look at some more seasonal cocktails you can make at home if you happen to be entertaining over the long Easter weekend.

Azaline Vermouth is a great way to enhance traditional vermouth cocktails such as the popular Negroni or Spritz. An intensely aromatic liquid, Azaline Vermouth is made with eight herbs and spices taken from the world of the ancient Silk Road, adding exotic spice to any drink you happen to be mixing.

Azaline Negroni
Azaline Negroni

This premium red vermouth is enriched with eight Silk Road botanicals that include Persian saffron, giving an exotic twist to classic cocktails, refreshing long drinks or enjoying some al fresco spritzers with friends and family if the weather holds out for the Easter weekend.

Mixing a Spring drink such as a Saffron Manhattan couldn’t be easier. Simply pour 30 ml of Azaline Vermouth in a jar or jug with some ice cubes. Then add 60 ml of bourbon whiskey (it doesn’t matter which one) and stir vigorously with a skewer or long spoon, trying not to break the ice. When the jar is ice cold to touch, strain the contents into a martini glass and garnish with a small slice of orange rind, squeezed over the drink to release the oils onto the surface for the perfect refreshing drink.

Azaline Manhattan Splash
Azaline Manhattan Splash

Another cocktail option is to measure 50 ml of Azaline Saffron Vermouth into a collins class full of ice. Add some tonic water and stir. Then garnish with a sliver of lemon to create a refreshing, beautifully complex long drink with exotic middle-eastern spices.

Azaline Vermouth is available from Master of Malt and retails at £24.95. For more information please visit:

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