2:22 – A Ghost Story

The cast of A Ghost Story

My nervous neighbour swore and jumped out of her skin every time the neon lights burst into life on the set of 2.22 – A Ghost Story.

Set designer Anna Fleischle used all her Olivier award winning skills to come up with a subtle, but super scary backdrop for Danny Robins’s buzzing thriller.

The show premiered in the West End in 2021 and is now on a nationwide tour, with its latest stop-off at The King’s Theatre in Glasgow until Saturday.

It’s dark, it’s funny and it’s a real cliff hanger and each half is only 50 minutes long, so no time to get bored.

The scene is set for new parents Sam and Jenny who have just moved into a new house with their baby and invited over Sam’s old university pal, Lauren and her new boyfriend Ben.

As the night unfolds, they discuss a strange new phenomenon in the house which has freaked Jenny out while Sam was away on a trip to The Channel Islands.

Differing views lead to heated arguments and things really intensify as the alcohol flows and strange noises are heard in and outside the house.

Joe Absolom as Ben and Charlene Boyds who plays Lauren in A Ghost Story

An experienced cast of Nathaniel Curtis, best known as Ash in the Channel 4 series, It’s A Sin, joined by ex-Eastender stars Louisa Lytton and Joe Absolom and Glasgow actress Charlene Boyd, means the play runs like clockwork.

Its edge of your seat time as the story unfolds and all eyes are on the digital clock up above the door into the living cum dining room and on the baby monitor which hears cries from the unseen upstairs room.

It’s here Jenny, all alone decorating the new nest, first encountered spooky things at 2:22 and wants to work out what is happening, while Sam tries to blame the ghostly encounters on foxes playing outside at night.

The four decide to sit it out until the ghostly hour and as the night wears on, so tensions rise as strange things happen and stories from the past are repeated.

It’s fast paced and fun and comes to a brilliant and totally unexpected conclusion when two police officers played by Natalie Boakye and Grant Kilburn knock on the door at 2:22.

2:22 – A Ghost Story runs until Saturday 25th November at The King’s Theatre in Glasgow, with tickets available via www.atgtickets.com, while full details of the nationwide tour can be found at www.222aghoststory.com.

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Photographs by Johann Persson

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