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Aphro, a triple-distilled, premium organic palm spirit from Ghana in West Africa, has just been launched here in the UK by Coastline Spirits in time for summer and is available in two tantalising flavours. The Nubi has hints of flamed pineapple, passion fruit and honey, while The Moor has hints of ginger, local spices and Hwentia pepper.

Palm spirit has actually been distilled for centuries and was originally known as Akpeteshie in Ghana (moonshine or potcheen) and also known as Apio, Ogogoro, Akpe or Sodabi across West Africa.

The drink was banned during British rule along the Gold Coast in favour of British imported spirits but that all changed after independence in 1957 when Akpeteshie came back into fashion as the people of West Africa regained their heritage, and of course their spirit!

Known as the drink of warriors, Akepeteshie was also the drink of the nation, used as a libation during many celebrations from births, marriages and at funerals, as well as at many traditional festivals, and is in many cases seen as an important part of customary rites.

Although Aphro spirit was born from this ancestral tradition to reclaim an important national heritage, the spirit you taste today has been redefined to suit more modern tastes. Triple distilled and 100 percent organic Aphro is made in Ghana from locally sourced ingredients and every bottle can be traced back to its original farm.

Aphro Palm Spirit

Tapped from the tropical date and coconut palm trees of Ghana, the spirit is locally produced using a time-honoured tradition that includes being carefully distilled and infused with vibrant fruits, herbs and spices to give a unique depth of taste specific to the region. This results in a smooth, modern take on this ancient West African favourite tiple.

Aphro Nubi combines a mix of flamed pineapple, tropical passion fruit and a little West African honey to give a warm, aromatic complexity that is best sipped and enjoyed over ice. It is 40% VOL, 80 Proof and is available in a 750ml bottle priced at £39.99.

Aphro The Moor is a spicy, robust spirit with local ginger, spices and Hwentia pepper, which is also best served over ice. It is also 40% VOL, 80 Proof and is available in a 750ml bottle priced at £39.99.

Both these Aphro spirits are also perfect for use as mixers in cocktail. For more information or to purchase your own bottle(s), please visit: www.coastlinespirits.com. Alphro is also available to buy on Amazon and at selected venues across the UK.

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Coastline Spirits


  1. Pls, how can I buy the Nubi Moor spirits in Manchester, and if not, can it be delivered to me when I buy it online. Thanks.

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