AVI-8 Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph

As part of a long-standing collaboration and partnership with the Royal British Legion, AVI-8 have just launched the new Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph Limited Edition. Since the partnership was formed in 2021, the brand has raised over £50,000, which is an impressive contribution to help provide vital support to the Armed Forces community throughout their lives.

The new timepiece celebrates the three branches of the British Armed Forces, capturing the legibility and aesthetics of the military issue timepieces of the 1980s, but with the accuracy and precision of a modern-day watch.

The Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph is housed in a solid marine grade 42mm stainless steel case and equipped with tidy but well-designed piston-like chronograph pushers and a red, two petal poppy seated at the crown. The hardened mineral lens gives clear cut visibility to the dial and hands, while an inner bi-directional turning bezel adds instrument like functionality. The case is fitted with a choice of a NATO, nylon embroidered strap or genuine supple yet tough leather strap, ensuring comfort and durability wherever you choose to take your watch, providing a high performance and durable military ready timepiece that incorporates all the necessary build and engineering for use in any field of combat.

This limited edition watch is both practical and precise and is powered by a TMI VK series Meca-quartz hybrid chronograph movement incorporating the pinpoint accuracy of a quartz movement with the character and feel of a mechanical chronograph.

AVI-8 Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph

The AVI-8 Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph aims to capture the same no-nonsense legibility and aesthetics of the 1980s era military issue timepieces. The choice of movement is interesting, as the Ministry of Defence issued a watch from Seiko to its military forces in the 1980s to update previous watch selections from British and Swiss watch companies. It was that particular timepiece that featured the 7A28 movement from Seiko that made it the first analogue quartz chronograph movement to be delivered as a bonafide piece of military equipment.

Ben France, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Royal British Legion, commented:

“We are delighted that AVI-8 is launching another bespoke military-inspired timepiece for the Royal British Legion. Since our partnership first launched in May 2021, AVI-8 has raised over £50,000 for the charity, for which we are very grateful. The RBL provides a lifeline for serving personnel, veterans and their families, supporting them in the face of hardships, injuries and bereavements. The money raised from the sale of the AVI-8 Flyboy will help the charity continue this vital work supporting the Armed Forces community throughout their lives.”

The Flyboy Royal British Legion Tri-Service Chronograph is available in a choice of four colourways, each one produced in a limited production run of 500 pieces and priced at £370. Each limited edition timepiece comes packaged in a bright blue and red canvas gift box which has been inspired by the Royal British Legion’s colours, and £15 from the sale of each watch will be contributed to the Royal British Legion.

For more information and to purchase this limited edition Royal British Legion special timepiece, please visit: https://avi-8.co.uk.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of AVI-8 Watches

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