Lowlander Botanically Brewed Beers

If you enjoy a beer but want or need to stay off the alcohol, then Lowlander Botanically Brewed Beers offer a refreshing alternative, it is also environmentally friendly, as Lowlander’s 0.00% is brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peels that come from bars and restaurants around The Netherlands, who use the fruit to squeeze fresh juices.

Incredibly, some 250 million kilos of orange peel are discarded in The Netherlands every year and rather than see them all go to waste, Lowlander work with PeelPioneers, who pick up and process this ‘waste’ in a circular, eco-friendly way. Lowlander is therefore able to ensure each beer has the same zing and bitterness that alcohol usually provides but are also helping to reduce our collective environmental footprint, which has got to be a good thing.

Another good thing about this eco-friendly beer is that unlike alternative adult soft drinks, Lowlander’s 0.00% is low in sugar (76kcal a bottle) and packed with lots of flavour.

Lowlander Beer in fact has five beers in their main range, which includes a White Ale, American Pale Ale, IPA, Poorter and of course the 0.00%. They also have a limited-edition Winter IPA brewed with recycled Christmas tree needles, yes you read that correctly! They also have two botanically brewed low alcohol 2.5% beers, Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit and Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime.

Lowlander ‘Sobeer Citrus Beergarita’ mocktail

We therefore thought we would first take a look at a fun mocktail you can prepare at home with Lowlander 0.00% Wit Beer along with some delicious food pairings before moving onto some of their other beers which do contain alcohol.

Food Pairing 1

The Lowlander ‘Sobeer Citrus Beergarita’ mocktail pairs beautifully with garlic Coriander Shrimps or fresh some seafood.

Start with 150ml Lowlander 0.00% Wit Beer, add 30ml Seedlip Grove, 10ml Ginger syrup, 10ml Lime juice and garnish with a juiced orange peel. Then fill a highball glass with ice and stir all ingredients and strain into the glass over ice and garnish with a swirl of juiced orange peel.

Lowlander White Ale and Shrimp Salad

Food Pairing 2

Lowlander 0.00% also makes for the perfect companion with fresh herbs, citrus and fish. This zero-alcohol beer pairs well with spicy Asian dishes as it helps to ease the effects of chilli in a dish. Try it with Bánh Xèo Vietnamese Pancakes for example, which are spicy and perfect for plant-based and vegetarian diets. You can find the full recipe ion Lowlander’s website here.

Lowlander 0.00% is available from Westons Cider from £32.68 for 24 x 330ml bottles or Bath Road Beers from £2.50 per 330ml bottle.

Vietnamese Pancakes

Food Pairing 3

Turning to one of Lowlander’s alcoholic beers, take the crisp flavour and flowery finish of Lowlander White Ale brewed with Curaçao orange, Elderflower and Chamomile and pair it with seafood and light salads. It also goes well with and cools spicy Asian dishes. As a suggestion, try it with Samphire, Green Asparagus and Lemongrass Prawn Skewers as the light, fresh and salty flavours are accentuated by Lowlander White Ale. You can take a look at the full recipe on Lowlander’s website here.

Lowlander White Ale is available from Westons Cider from £36.90 for 24 x 330ml bottles or from Harvey Nichols from £3.00 per 330ml bottle.

Lowlander IPA and courgette burgers

Food Pairing 4

Lowlander I.P.A. is brewed with Coriander and White Tea. Its citrusy, fruity and bitter flavour goes extremely well with Middle Eastern and rich Asian food. How about trying it with some Indian Spiced Courgette Burgeras the fresh, spicy Indian flavours are accentuated by Lowlander I.P.A. once again, you will find the recipe on Lowlander’s website here.

Lowlander I.P.A. is available from Westons Cider from £47.23 for 24 x 330ml bottles or Bath Road Beers from £3.00 for a 330ml bottle.

For more information on Lowlander’s Botanically Brewed Beers. Please visit: www.lowlander-beer.com.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Lowlander Beer

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