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These days you can order pretty much any drink you want from a well-stocked bar you walk in to and with alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks increasingly popular, we thought we’d bring you news of a refreshing newcomer to the market that makes for the perfect lower alcohol cocktail serve this summer.

At just 12% ABV, Quarter G/N has been created in the traditional London Dry-style, with copper pot distillation and infused with mostly juniper and a variety of other botanicals as well as orange and grapefruit citrus, giving a refreshing light gin but at just a quarter of the strength, a quarter of the calories and of course a quarter of the usual impact and buzz you would get from a normal gin cocktail.

All the ingredients that go into Quarter G/N are natural and sourced from across Europe. They include the finest blend of botanicals with plenty of juniper, coriander, a staple in most gins and angelica, also found in most gins and whose earthy and herbaceous tones help to round of the gin nicely. You will also find some orange peel and grapefruit peel to give the gin a zingy, bitter and citrus flavour. And finally, a twist of sweet orange, giving the perfect level of sweetness and offsetting the zingy taste of the grapefruit.

Quarter Light Gin Lifestyle

As well as being only quarter strength, Quarter G/N is also vegan, gluten and sugar free, which will be an added bonus to many people.

Quarter was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Rohan Radhakrishnan and Fabian Clark, who worked tirelessly with ex-Diageo head distiller Anthony Wilson for a good year or so in creating their distinctive light gin. And the wait was well worth it.

With the better weather finally here and summer fast approaching when al fresco cocktails will be in fashion again, here are four classic summer cocktails you can enjoy with Quarter Light G/N. The first being of course a classic Quarter Gin & Tonic, the perfect lunchtime cocktail. The second is the Quarter Spritz, ideal for those long weekend brunches. Then there is the Quarter Negroni, one of my favourites, which makes for a refreshing aperitivo. And last but by no means least, the Quarter Martini, which makes for the ideal digestif.

Quarter G/N RRP: £27 for a 70cl bottle; ABV: 12%, and is available from Threshers as well as the Quarter website: www.quarterproof.com.

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Quarter Gin

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